International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/3, 2022

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


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📁  H Romella1*, M Hossein1*, S Hossein2, M Asghari1, A Fatemeh1, N Fatemeh1, B Razieh1, K Batool1, CONTROL OF PROTEINURIA IN PATIENTS WITH DIABETIC NEPHROPATHY...TRADITIONAL PERSIAN MEDICINE, THE EFFECT OF PLANTAGO SEEDS:A LITERATURE REVIEW, page 9-14;   -   📁  Kawa Hama Sharif1, Omruye Ozok-Arici2, Aykut Cağlar3,4, Hilal Kivrak2,3,*, Arif Kivrak5,*, SYNTHESIS OF THYMOL DERIVATIVES AND ITS FUEL CELL PERFORMANCE AS AN ANODE CATALYST, page 51-58;   -   📁  A V Rudenko1*, T A Mokhovaya2, A S Gorban1, V A Zavyalov1, A I Sankin1, ORGANIZATION OF TACTICAL OPERATIONS AS AN INDEPENDENT ELEMENT OF THE MECHANISM OF THEIR IMPLEMENTATION, page 23-32;   -   📁  А.Т. Аimen1*, G.T. Kuandykova1, I. Suleimenova1, F.R. Tashmukhamedov1, G.В. Demeuova1, G. S. Anarova1, S. A. Aimenova1, A. B. Moldasheva1, ENVIRONMENTAL EVALUATION OF WATER SALT EXCHANGE PROCESS IN SOIL DEGRADATION IN THE ARID ZONE, page 33-42;   -   📁  Nadia Kosovska1, Natalia Makarenko2, Valeria Bondar2*, Аnna Matviikiv2, Lyudmyla Symochko3, SOIL MICROBIOME UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF NANO AND BIOPREPARATIONS, page 1-8;   -   📁  Nguyen Trong Diep1, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, VIEWPOINTS OF ISSUING LAW OF CONSUMER PROTECTION IN VIETNAM, page 15-22;   -   📁  S Razanov1*, O Husak2, M Polishchuk3, O Bakhmat4, O Koruniak5, L Symochko6, I Ovcharuk7, ACCUMULATION PECULIARITIES OF HEAVY METALS IN CEREAL CROPS GRAINS OF DIFFERENT VEGETATION PERIOD...THE FOREST STEPPE OF THE RIGHT BANK OF UKRAINE, page 43-50;   -   📁  BOUACHA Mohamed Islem1*, SAFA Omar1, SOUDANI Leila1, AZZAOUI Mohamed Essalah1, CHAFAA Meriem1, ROAD TRAFFIC AND CANYON STREET EFFECT ON AIR POLLUTION IN TIARET CITY, ALGERIA, page 59-66;   -   📁  A Zamir1, A Ullah2, A M Umrani1*, Sh Sattar3, R Hussain4, S T Kamil1, Sh A Jan1, ROLE OF VILLAGE ORGANIZATION IN THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES ...DISTRICT SHANGLA, KPK PAKISTAN, page 67-74;   -   📁  Bedri Dragusha1, Skender Demaku2*, WATER QUALITY STUDY OF THE LUMBARDHI RIVER IN THE PRIZREN AREA USING PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND HEAVY METALS ANALYSIS, page 75-84;   -   📁  Lanh Nguyen Van1, Tha To Hien2*, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy3*, Duong Phan Huy4, MACROECONOMIC IMPACTS ON BANK PERFORMANCE AND EVALUATING...RISK MANAGEMENT MECHANISM OF SACOMBANK IN VIETNAM, page 85-94;   -   📁  Irina S Agasyeva1*, Vladimir Y Ismailov1, Anton S Nastasiy1, Mariya V Nefedova1, DEVELOPMENT OF WAYS TO CONTROL CODLING MOTH WITH THE HELP OF BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS AND METHODS, page 95-100;   -   📁  Ta Van Thanh1, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, Le Ngoc Nuong3, Nguyen Tien Dung4, MAINTAINING LEADERSHIP ROLES OF BANKS .... MARKETING EDUCATION FOR STUDENTS IN UNIVERSITIES, page 101-108;   -   📁  Natalia Vladimirovna Khavanova1*, Vladimir Yurievich Morozov1, Nikolay Gubachev2, Tatyana Morozova2, Irina Duborkina1, THE MECHANISM OF FORMING STATE GOVERNANCE OF TERRITORIES, page 109-116;   -   📁  Tatiana Anatolievna Saadulaeva1*, Oxana Nikolaevna Afanasyeva1, Valentina Dmitrievna Lukina1, Irina Gennadievna Shadskaja2, Anna Sergeevna Filonova3, FORMING APPROACHES TO CONTROLLING STATE BUDGET DEFICIT, page 117-122;   -   📁  A Zamir1, A Ullah2, A M Umrani1*, Sh Sattar3, R Hussain4, S T Kamil1, Sh A Jan1, ROLE OF VILLAGE ORGANIZATION IN THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES ...DISTRICT SHANGLA, KPK PAKISTAN, page 67-74;   -   📁  I khan1, A Zamir1, A Ullah2*, S Ali3, Z Huma4, S Ahmed1, A M Umrani1*, J Raza5, M Naqash1, Bashi rullah1, COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF SOIL ... OF DISTRICT CHARSADA, page 123-136;   -   📁  А. Т. Аimen1*, E. С. Ahmetov2, F. R. Tashmukhamedov3, G. В. Demeuova4, G. Mussayeva5, L. Ukibayeva6, K. Golikova7, S. A. Aimenova8, ECOLOGICAL REGULATION OF HYDROCHEMICAL ... OF GROUNDWATER LOCATED CLOSE TO THE SURFACE, page 137-146;   -   📁  Nguyen Trong Diep1*, Nguyen Anh Thu1, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW AND CONTROL OF MODELED CONTRACTS AND GENERAL TRANSACTION CONDITIONS, page 147-154;   -   📁  Bourabeh Akila1, Meliani Samia2, Berrani Abdelkader2*, VARIATION IN BLOOD PRESSURE, GLYCAEMIA, HAEMOGLOBIN AND HAEMATOCRIT LEVELS ... IN PREGNANT IN WOMAN LIVING IN THE TIARET REGION, ALGERIA, page 155-158;   -   📁  Serhii Razanov1*, Antonina Piddubna2, Galina Gucol3, Lyudmyla Symochko4, Svitlana Kovalova5, Mykola Bakhmat6, Oleh Bakhmat7, ESTIMATION OF HEAVY METALS ACCUMULATION BY VEGETABLES IN AGROECOSYSTEMS AS ONE OF THE MAIN ASPECTS IN FOOD SECURITY, page 159-164;   -   📁  Abstract Volume 12/3, 2022 IJEES   -   📁  Contents Volume 12/3, 2022 IJEES   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/3, 2022   -