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Guide for Authors:

Dear Professors, PhD, researchers and scholars of the field of ecosystems and related areas to, such as environmental engineering, agriculture, bio-chemistry, soil, water and air pollution, geology, forestry, urban ecology, resource economics, etc., at the moment, I declare the sending of scientific journal articles to International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) is open. Sending of items can only be done electronically, to the following address: e-mail:;;; The confirmation of receiving these items will be announced within the period of one to three weeks after sending. Weather the article is accepted or not, will be announced within a period of two to three weeks. Only original articles will be accepted, validated, and not to have or be published in other journals. Publication lasts from two to six months. All Rights Reserved Copyright by © IJEES (the first or correspondent author have responsible for the accuracy of the article). Submission guidelines and Web Submission System are available at:;

Note: If the paper is published in another journal or if it includes false or inaccurate claims, it will be rejected or removed automatically as that constitutes a violation. Zero tolerance!

Submission of Papers: 
Manuscripts for publication may be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, a member of the Editorial Board. Authors may register through submission via email ( The e-mail address that authors may use for submission or  of Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. H. Mankolli. Manuscripts can also be sent to any member of the Editorial Board (see inside front cover for addresses). Although this journal is international in scope, all articles must be in the English language. Potential contributors whose first language is not English are urged to have their manuscript competently edited prior to submission. Papers should be written in the third person in an objective, formal and impersonal style.

Manuscript Preparation:
General: Manuscripts must be format (Ms Word) , font type (times new roman) and font size (10 punto), double-spaced with wide margins on one side of white paper. The corresponding author should be identified (include E-mail address). Full postal addresses must be given for all co-authors. 
Abstracts: Each manuscript must be including a brief abstract and a short list of keywords.

Follow this order when typing manuscripts: Title, Authors, Affiliations, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Main text, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, Appendix, References, Vitae and Figure Captions followed by the Figures and Tables. Pages should be numbered consecutively. The corresponding author should be identified with an asterisk and footnote. Symbols and Units: All Greek letters and unusual symbols should be identified by name in the margin, the first time they are used. SI units should be used wherever possible, as recommended in ISO 1000 and BS 5555.

All publications cited in the text should be presented in a list of references following the text of the manuscript. In the text refer to the author's name (without initials) and year of publication (e.g. "since Dursun (1993) has shown that..." or "This is in agreement with results obtained later (Boddy, 1984)". For three or more authors use the first author followed by "et al.", in the text. The list of references should be arranged alphabetically by authors' names. The manuscript should be carefully checked to ensure that the spelling of authors' names and dates are exactly the same in the text as in the reference list.

References should be given in the following form:
Boddy L, (1984). The mico-environment of basidiomycete mycelia in temperate deciduous woodlands.In: The Ecology and Physiology of the Fungal Mycelium (Ed. by D.H. Jennings and A.D.M. Rayner),pp. 261-289. British Mycological Society Symposium 8, Cambridge  University Press, Cambridge;
Dursun S, Ineson P, Frankland JC, Boddy L, (1993). Sulphite and pH effects on CO2 evolution from decomposing angiospermous and  coniferous tree leaf litters. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 25,1513-1525;
Ergas SJ, Schroeder E, Chang D, Scow K, (1994). Spatial distributions of microbial populations in biofilters. In: Proceedings of the 78th  Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the Air and Waste Management Association, Cincinnati, OH, pp. 19-24;
Hickey M, King C, (1988). 100 Families of Flowering Plants. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Littlejohn D, Wang Y, Chang S-G, (1993). Oxidation of aqueous sulfite ion by nitrogen dioxide, Environmental Science & Technology 27, 2162-2167;

All illustrations should be provided in camera-ready form, suitable for reproduction (which may include reduction) without retouching. Photographs, charts and diagrams are all to be referred to as “Figure(s)” and should be numbered consecutively in the order to which they are referred. They should be accompanying the manuscript, but should not be included within the text. Tables: Tables should be numbered consecutively and given a suitable caption and each table typed on a separate sheet. Footnotes to tables should be typed below the table and should be referred to by superscript lowercase letters.

Electronic submission:
Authors may submit electronic copy of their manuscript by e-mail .

Proofs will send to the author and should be returned 48 hours of receipt. Corrections should be restricted to typesetting errors; any others may be charged to the author. Any queries should be answered in full.


© IJEES copyright. All rights reserved. Health and Environment Association, Tirana, Albania; hold the exclusive copyright of all the contents of this journal. In accordance with the international convention, no part of this journal may be reproduced or transmitted by any media or publishing organs (including various websites) without the written permission of the copyright holder. Otherwise, any conduct would be considered  as the violation of the copyright. The contents of this journal are available for any citation. However, all the citations should be clearly indicated with the title of this journal, serial number and the name of the author.

Papers should be sent toIJEES by e-mails to:;  or 

in Microsoft Office Word 2003-2007 format or earlier

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