International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 11/4, 2021

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


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📁  Sukru DURSUN, EVALUATION OF AIR QUALITY IN KONYA CITY CENTER AFTER THE NEW CORONA-19 OUTPUT AND WITH ITS CAUTION, page 671-678;   -   📁  Svetla Gateva1, Gabriele Jovtchev1, Tsveta Angelova1, Ana Dobreva2, Milka Mileva3, DOES THE WASTEWATER PRODUCED BY THE WATER STEAM DISTILLATION OF ROSE OIL FROM ROSA ALBA L. AND ROSA DAMASCENA MILL. HAVE GENOTOXIC POTENTIAL ..., page 679-684;   -   📁  Leng Thi Lan1, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, Bui Thi Thom1, Nguyen Thi Hang3, ENVIRONMENT ISSUES AND FEEDING MECHANISM FOR WILD PIGS AND WILD PORK PROCESSING DURING EVFTA IN ASIAN COUNTRIES, page 685-692;   -   📁  Mirela Lika (Çekani)1*, EVALUATION OF POLLENS AS AEROALLERGEN IN SHKODRA DISTRICT, ALBANIA, page 693-698;   -   📁  Oylum Gökkurt Baki*, IMPLEMENTATION OF INTEGRATED SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IN TURKEY BASED ON CIRCULAR ECONOMY, page 699-704;   -   📁  Ahmet Serhan Hergul1, Muharrem Eyidogan1, Yusuf Cay2, Fatma Canka Kilic1*, THERMODYNAMIC EVALUATION OF ORGANIC RANKINE CYCLE CONFIGURATIONS TO INCREASE ENERGY AND EXERGY EFFICIENCY OF BIOGAS COGENERATION POWER PLANT, page 705-714;   -   📁  Huseyin Toros1, Hysen Mankolli2, Sukru Dursun3*, AIR QUALITY OF O3 AND NO2 TIMELINE CHANGES IN KONYA CITY CENTER, page 715-724;   -   📁  Asiye KARAEVLI1, Ayse Gul SARIKAYA2*, SOME MEDICINAL - AROMATIC PLANTS SOLD IN HERBALISTS OF ORDU PROVINCE IN TURKEY AND THEIR USAGE, page 725-730;   -   📁  Tatyana Konovalova12, Alexander Sizykh3*, GEOSYSTEMS TRANSFORMATION IN THE NORTHERN PART OF BAIKAL NATURAL TERRITORY (study and mapping), page 731-736;   -   📁  Khushboo Sahito1, Aijaz Hussain Soomro1, Tahseen Fatima Miano1*, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Sahito2, PREVALENCE AND CHRACTERIZATION OF STAPHYLOCOCUS AUREUS FROM MARKET MILK, page 737-742;   -   📁  Bui Thi Thom1, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, Nguyen Thi Hoa3, Bui Thi Suu4, THE PARTICIPATION OF PEOPLE IN DEVELOPING AGRICULTURE VALUE CHAIN OF WILD PORK AND WILD PIGS IN THE NORTH OF VIETNAM, page 743-752;   -   📁  Alvina Gucaj1*, Flora Merko2, Alba Ramallari2, IMPACT OF GREEN ECONOMY IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, page 753-758;   -   📁  Aijaz Hussain Soomro1, Nida Shaikh1, Tahseen Fatima Miano1*, Asadullah Marri1, Shahzor Gul Khaskheli1, Dileep Kumar1, FOOD WASTE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES IN FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN, page 759-766;   -   📁  Sukru Dursun1, Lyudmyla Symochko2,3*, INVESTIGATION OF EXPECTATIONS FOR THE AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION AND FOOD PRODUCTION SECTOR AFFECT OF THE COVID-19 VIRUS PANDEMIC AND MEASURES, page 767-776;   -   📁  Aboubakar Seibou1*, Tchobsala1, Bring2, Haiwa Gilbert3, Sofalne Clement4, PLANT STRUCTURAL POPULATION AND DYNAMICS OF DEGRADED ECOSYSTEMS IN SOUTHERN BENOUE OF NORTH CAMEROON, page 777-790;   -   📁  Fatma ERTAŞ1*, Adnan AYAN2, DETECTION OF CRYPTOSPORIDIUM SPP. IN CALVES THROUGH NESTED PCR AND KINYOUN’S ACID-FAST METHODS IN IĞDIR, TURKEY, page 791-796;   -   📁  Hatice Canan GUNGOR1*, Gülgün ÖZKAN2, GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM IN EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDY: CANCERS OF THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM KONYA, page 797-802;   -   📁  Ebru Çokay1*, Serkan Eker1, Ilgi Karapınar1, Erhan Şener2, OCCURRENCE OF HEAVY METALS IN BÜYÜK MENDERES RIVER BASIN, TURKEY, page 803-814;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh1*, Tatyana Konovalova23, PLANT COMMUNITIES OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTACT AS INDICATORS OF DIRECTION OF THE VEGETATION FORMATION (some theoretical aspects), page 815-818;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 11/4, 2021   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 11/4, 2021a   -   📁  Svitlana Burykina1, Anna Kryvenko1*, Ruslan Solomonov1, Galina Kapustina1, Antonina Drobitko2, EFFICIENCY OF WINTER WHEAT FERTILIZATION SYSTEMS IN THE STEPPE ZONE OF SOUTHERN UKRAINE, page 819-830;   -   📁  Olena Litvinova1, Stanislav Dehodiuk2, Dmytrо Litvinov1*, Lyudmyla Symochko3, Yaroslava Zhukova4, Anzhela Kyrylchuk4, THE IMPACT OF AGROCHEMICAL LOADING ON NUTRITIVE REGIME OF GRAY FOREST SOIL DURING FIELD CROP ROTATION, page 831-836;   -   📁  Tatyana Konovalova12, Alexander Sizykh3*, THE STUDY AND MAPPING OF THE GEOSYSTEMS TRANSFORMATION (Methodological and Methodic Aspects), page 837-844;   -   📁  Nataliia Kovalenko1*, Olha Hloba2, THE MODEL OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE IN UKRAINE: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A CENTENARY PAST AND TODAY, page 845-856;   -   📁  Natalia Makarenko1, Valeria Bondar1*, Volodymyr Makarenko2, Lyudmyla Symochko3,4, ZINC DEFICIENCY IN SOILS OF UKRAINE: POSSIBLE CAUSES AND REGULATORY MECHANISMS, page 857-866;   -   📁  Contents Volume 11/4 2021 IJEES   -   📁  Abstract Volume 11/4 , 2021 IJEES   -