International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 11/1, 2021

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science



Volume 11/1, 2021              


Table of contents:

📁  Valeriy Pinchuk1, Lyudmyla Symochko1,2*, Nadiya Palapa1, Oleksiy Ustymenko3, Olga Kichigina1, Olena Demyanyuk1, AGROECOLOGICAL SOIL STATUS IN AGROECOSYSTEMS WITH MONOCULTURE, page 1-12;   -   📁  Liogchii Nina1*, Begu Adam1, Fasola Regina1, THE PROTECTION STATUS OF THREATENED SPECIES AND THEIR SPREADING AREAS IN THE CENTRAL REGION OF THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA, page 13-18;   -   📁  Dritan Prifti1*, Kozeta Tushe1, Charles Massey2, Elida Bylyku1, Brunilda Daci1, BUILDING CAPACITY IN ALBANIA THROUGH COORDINATED RESEARCH ACTIVITIES IN NUCLEAR SECURITY, page 35-40;   -   📁  Avdyl Bajrami1*, Erta Dodona1, Xhavit Mala2, A CONTRIBUTION TO RELICT AND ENDEMIC FLORA, LIFE FORM AND CHOROLOGY OF PLANTS IN BREDHIK RESERVE IN KOSOVO, page 55-62;   -   📁  Tatyana Konovalova12, Alexander Sizykh3*, TRANSFORMATION OF GEOSYSTEMS VEGETATION OF SOUTHERN PRE - BAIKAL (The Baikal Region), page 19-26;   -   📁  Girishika Singla, LEGAL AND POLITICAL CHANGES IN INDIA TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE MINING, page 27-34;   -   📁  Kozeta Tushe1*, Dritan Prifti1, Charles Massey2, Elida Bylyku1, Brunilda Daci1, PRELIMINARY RESULTS RELATED TO HUMAN FACTORS ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS FOR ADVANCING RADIATION DETECTION EQUIPMENT’S, page 41-48;   -   📁  Dritan Prifti1*, Kozeta Tushe1, Charles Massey2, Elida Bylyku1, Brunilda Daci1, SAFETY AND SECURITY INTERFACE OF RPMS USE TO BROADEN RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION IN ALBANIA, page 49-54;   -   📁  Enkeleda Sinaj1*, Fatjona Kamberi2, PHYSIOTHERAPY IN COMBINATION WITH MULTIMODAL INTERVENTIONS REDUCE IN ADULT PATIENTS CHRONIC NECK PAIN- REVIEW, page 83-88;   -   📁  Nexhdet Shala1, Arsim Elshani1*, Ibrahim Hoxha1, Indrit Loshi1, Besiana Hoxha1, COMPARISON OF WINTER BARLEY VARIETIES (HORDEUM VULGARE) FOR BEER IN CLIMATIC ZONES IN KOSOVO, page 89-96;   -   📁  Leila Soudani1*, Meriem Chafaa1, Koula Doukani1, Moulkheir Selmani1, Saida Djemil1, ASSESSMENT OF PHYSICOCHEMICAL WATER QUALITY OF BOUGARA DAM-TIARET, ALGERIA, page 63-72;   -   📁  Ufuk Demirci1*, INVESTIGATION OF FOREST ECOSYSTEM SERVICES AND PAYMENTS FOR ECOSYSTEM SERVICES IN TURKISH FORESTRY SECTOR PLANS, page 73-82;   -   📁  Khaled Ouared1*, A RETROSPECTIVE STUDY (2017-2019) ON THE SEROPREVALENCE OF BRUCELLOSIS IN LOCAL AND IMPORTED CATTLE IN DIFFERENT ALGERIAN REGIONS, page 97-102;   -   📁  Geodilyn B. Buan1*, Krystel Grace Vergara Padilla1, Danny O. Alfonso1*, HARNESSING THE MEDICINAL POTENTIAL OF SELECTED FRUIT AND VEGETABLE WASTE AGAINST GRAM POSITIVE BACTERIA, page 137-144;   -   📁  Seyed Mohammadyaser Mousavi Boora1*, Mojtaba Karimnezhad2, REGIONAL PRIORITIES FOR THE DESIGN OF SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE BY LEED METHOD IN TEHRAN, page 103-112;   -   📁  Tahseen Fatima Miano12*, EFFECTIVE USE OFFRESHLY HARVESTED, FREEZ DRIED AND PROCESSED USE OF POMEGRANATE (Punica granatum L.) FRUITS IN PAKISTAN, page 145-148;   -   📁  Krystel Grace V Padilla1*, Joey G Martizano1, June Alexis A. Santos1, DIVERSITY AND SPECIES COMPOSITION OF MANGROVES SPECIES IN PILAR, SIARGAO ISLAND, SURIGAO DEL NORTE, page 113-120;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh1*, THE STRUCTURE OF THE FOREST UNDER CLIMATE CHANGES AND QUESTIONS OF FORESTS MANAGEMENT IN THE WATER CATCHMENT BASINS OF THE RIVERS (SOME AREAS OF PRE-BAIKAL FOR EXAMPLE), page 121-124;   -   📁  Vjollca Ndreu1*, Enkeleda Sinaj1, Fatjona Kamberi2, PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES FOR A WOMAN WITH STRESS URINARY INCONTINENCE: CASE STUDY, page 125-128;   -   📁  Dafina Karaj1*, Elmira Mehmeti2, PROCESS OF EXTRACTION OF CAROTENOIDS FROM CO2 UNDER LIQUID-VAPOR EQUILIBRIUM CONDITIONS, page 129-136;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh, MODERN TRENDS OF FORMATION OF THE FORESTS IN RIVERS BASINE WHICH PROVIDE THE STABILITY OF GIDROLOGICAL REGIME OF LAKE BAIKAL (EAST SIBERIA), page 149-158;   -   📁  Blerina Pupuleku1*, Ermelinda Gjeta1, Gëzim Kapidani2, DATA ON THE PALYNOMORPHOLOGICAL FEATURES OF FOUR PLANTS OF ANEMONE GENUS, IN ELBASAN REGION, page 159-164;   -   📁  Bilgehan KEKEC1*, Dhikra GHILOUFI1, PROPAGATION MECHANISMS OF BLAST-INDUCED GROUND VIBRATION (BIGV) IN DIFFERENT GROUND CONDITIONS, page 165-180;   -   📁  Lyudmyla Symochko12,3,* , Larysa Bugyna2,4, Оlga Hafiiyak1, ECOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF BIOSECURITY IN MODERN AGROECOSYSTEMS, page 181-186;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 11/1, 2021a   -   📁  Hesham ALRAGHEB1 , Hatice Canan GÜNGÖR2*, AN ANALYSIS OF LOGISTICS VILLAGES IN TURKEY: KONYA SAMPLE, page 187-196;   -   📁  Abstract Volume 11/1 , 2021 IJEES   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 11/1, 2021   -   📁  Contents Volume 11/1 2021 IJEES   -