International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/4, 2022

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


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Volume 12/4, 2022        


Table of contents: 

📁  Hoang Van Long1, Le Thanh Cong2*, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy3, MANAGEMENT IMPLICATIONS WITH RISK MANAGEMENT FROM REGRESSION MODEL APPROACH:A CASE IN VIETNAM CONSTRUCTION SECTOR, page 27-32;   -   📁  Tran Van Nam1*, Trinh Minh Tam2, Do Son Tung2, Tao Minh Hung4, DETERMINING CRITERIA IN TECHNOLOGY VALUATION THROUGH THE ANALYTIC HIERARCHY PROCESS: A CASE STUDY IN VIETNAM, page 9-14;   -   📁  Iryna Gumenıuk1, Lyudmyla Symochko1,2,*, Ivan Mostovıak3, Olena Demyanyuk1, Olena Sherstoboeva1, Vera Boroday4, Vitaliy Symochko2, THE ROLE OF BRADYRHIZOBIUM JAPONICUM EXOPOLYSACCHARIDES ... AN EFFECTIVE SYMBIOTIC APPARATUS OF SOYBEAN, page 1-8;   -   📁  Volodymyr Orekhivskyi1, Anna Kryvenko1, Nataliia Kovalenko1*, Svitlana Burykina2, Maxim Parlikokoshko2, Antonina Drobitko3, EFFICIENCY OF USING ORGANO-MINERAL BIOPREPARATIONS AS ELEMENTS OF BIOLOGIZATION IN CHICKPEA CULTIVATION ...OF UKRAINE, page 15-26;   -   📁  Pavlo Lykhovyd*, SAFFRON (Crocus sativus L.) AS A PROSPECTIVE AND SAFE NATURAL TREATMENT FOR MENTAL DISORDERS, page 57-64;   -   📁  Gjokë Duhanaj1*, Elizabeta Susaj2, Lush Susaj3, AMPELOGRAPHIC EVALUATION OF THE MAIN PHENOLOGICAL, ... OF WHITE SHESH GRAPEVINE CULTIVAR, UNDER TIRANA CLIMATE CONDITIONS, page 33-38;   -   📁  Alvarez, S.C., Carreon, P.A.D., Tumbaga, J.R.A, Arneil G. Gabriel*, CONTINGENT VALUATION STUDY IN THE PREVENTION OF AIR POLLUTION IN CABANATUAN CITY, page 39-56;   -   📁  Trinh Xuan Viet1, Nguyen Thi Thuy Huong2*, Nguyen Minh Phuong3, Ly Lan Yen2, USING OLS MODEL TO ANALYZE MACRO INFLUENCE ON BANK PROFIT AND PROPOSALS FOR BETTER BANK MANAGEMENT, page 71-78;   -   📁  Argjiro Alija1*, Vesa Rraci2, Njomza Shosholli Peja2, BURNOUT RATE IN HEALTH PROFESSIONALS DURING COVID PANDEMIC-19, page 65-70;   -   📁  Geoffrey A. Librero1, Arneil G. Gabriel2,3*, Olive Chester M. Cuya-Antonio2,3, Vilma B. Ramos2,3, Jennifer G. Fronda3, SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT AND THE IMPACT OF ECOTOURISM IN AURORA PROVINCE IN THE PHILIPPINES, page 101-112;   -   📁  Amit Kumar Kashyap1,2,*, Vijaylaxmi Sharma1, REGULATORY REFORMS FOR STRUCTURED GREEN FINANCE: EXPLORING THE CASE OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCE SERVICE CENTRE, INDIA, page 79-90;   -   📁  Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy1, Phan Ngoc Quynh Nhu2*, Tran Thi Thanh Nga3, Ta Van Thanh3, USING NEW MODEL APPROACH FOR ENHANCING RISK MANAGEMENT MECHANISM IN A CASE OF VIETNAM LISTED BANK, page 91-100;   -   📁  Khelili Yacine1*, Bouakkaz Rafik1, THE EFFECT OF BUOYANCY AND ROTATION ON THE FLOW AND THERMAL FIELDS AROUND A CIRCULAR CYLINDER, page 113-120;   -   📁  Jacinto Y. Bustamante, Vilma B. Ramos, Feliciana P. Jacoba, Rhea Lyn F. La Penia, Arneil G. Gabriel*, RESILIENCY AMIDST VULNERABILITY: A STORY OF THE INDIGENOUS CULTURAL COMMUNITIES .. THE IMPACT OF PANDEMIC IN THE PHILIPPINES, page 121-130;   -   📁  Nguyen Thi Phi Nga1*, Le Thanh Huong2, COVID 19 AND FACTORS AFFECTING VIETNAMESE PEOPLES CONSUMPTION BEHAVIOR IN FOOD HYGIENE AND SAFETY, page 131-136;   -   📁  Nguyen Thi Phi Nga1*, INVESTIGATE THE BUSINESS MODEL OF ECO VILLAGE THAI HAI, page 137-142;   -   📁  Mexhit Mustafa1, Afërdita Lahu2*, HOSPITAL WASTE AND THEIR IMPACT ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION AND HUMAN HEALTH, page 143-150;   -   📁  Hoang Xuan Lam1*, Tha To Hien2, Tran Minh Hai3, EVALUATING IMPACTS OF A SIX FACTOR MODEL ON CCI STOCK PRICE, A CASE OF A LISTED TRADING COMPANY IN VIETNAM, page 151-160;   -   📁  Nguyen Trong Diep*, SOLVING CONFLICTS OF INTEREST IN ELECTRONIC CONTRACTS IN E COMMERCE TRANSACTIONS, page 161-166;   -   📁  Imtiaz Ahmad1*, Ahmad Zamir1, Arz Muhammad Umrani1, Umair Safdar1, Afra Siab1, Muhmmad Tallal Tayyab Utmankhel1, Muhammad Hamza1, Owais Ahmad1, ASSESMENT OF MIGRATORY AND RESIDENT BIRDS AT RAGHAGAN DAM, DISTRICT BAJAUR TEHSIL SALARZAI, KPK, page 167-172;   -   📁  Iralda Xhaferaj, ROAD SAFETY IMPACTS OF SIGHT DISTANCE CRITERIA ACCORDING TO ALBANIAN CODE, page 173-180;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/4, 2022 Part 2   -   📁  Nguyen Dinh Trung1, Huy Dinh Tran Ngoc 2, Ly Lan Yen3, Nguyen Trong Diep4*, SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL CLUSTERS FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN HANOI CITY AND PROTECTING CONSUMER INTERESTS, page 181-188;   -   📁  Nguyen Dinh Trung1, Ly Lan Yen2*, Huy Dinh Tran Ngoc 3*, Nguyen Trong Diep4*, WHICH SUITABLE MODEL FOR DEVELOPING INDUSTRIAL CLUSTERS IN HANOI VIETNAM AND MATTERS OF PROTECTING CONSUMERS IN CLUSTERS, page 189-194;   -   📁  Ibtissam Baghriche1,2,3, Sakina Zerizer1,2*, Zahia Kabouche1, Assia khalfallah1, THE PROTECTIVE EFFECT OF ASTRAGALUS ARMATUS ON CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES INDUCED BY HYPERHOMOCYSTEINEMIA IN MICE, page 195-204;   -   📁  Hossein M Dehnavi1, Narges Eskandari2, Haider Romella3, Ahmad Reza Pakzad4*, THE IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITION BASED ON INDIVIDUALIZED TEMPERAMENT (MIZAJ), FROM THE VIEW POINT OF TRADITIONAL PERSIAN MEDICINE AND THE FINDINGS OF MODERN MEDICINE, page 205-212;   -   📁  Kadir DELİGÖZ1*, Muhammed Furkan TAŞCI2, FREEGANISM IN CONSUMPTION SOCIETY: A NETNOGRAPHIC RESEARCH STUDY, page 213-226;   -   📁  Kenan ÇOLAK1, Engin KEPENEK2*, Ziya GENÇEL2, Kıvanç ERTUGAY2, THE USE OF GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN PREVENTING ILLEGAL EXCAVATIONS FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE, page 235-244;   -   📁  Abdouraman12*, Tchobsala1, Megueni Clautilde2, Boubakary Simon3, SPACIO TEMPORAL DYNAMIC OF THE VEGETATION AND DEGRADATION FACTORS OF THE VEGETATION COVER AROUND LAGDO LAKE, NORTH CAMEROON, page 227-234;   -   📁  Olga Titarenko1*, Ildus Ibatullin2, Volodymyr Nedashkivskyi3, Nataliia Nedashkivska4, Vitalii Stepanchenko5, ACCUMULATION OF ZN AND CU BY CEREAL AND LEGUMINOUS VEGETATION UNDER AGROCHEMICAL... OF THE RIGHT BANK FOREST STEPPE OF UKRAINE, page 245-250;   -   📁  Elena Ivanovna Sivkova1*, Vladimir Nicolaevich Domatskiy1, INFLUENCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS ON THE FAUNA OF THE BLOOD-SUCKING HORSEFLIES (DIPTERA, TABANIDAE), page 251-258;   -   📁  Abdouraman12*, Tchobsala1, Megueni Clautilde2, Boubakary Simon3, SPACIO TEMPORAL DYNAMIC OF THE VEGETATION AND DEGRADATION FACTORS OF THE VEGETATION COVER AROUND LAGDO LAKE, NORTH CAMEROON, page 227-234;   -   📁  Natalia A. Sadovnikova1*, Kirill. V. Kuznetsov1, INTERRELATION OF INDICATORS OF THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS, POVERTY AND INNOVATIVE GROWTH, page 259-266;   -   📁  M. N. Tolmachev1*, O. A. Petrova1, APPROACHES TO ASSESSING AND SUBSTANTIATING MEASURES FOR FINANCING THE DEVELOPMENT OF TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE ARCTIC ZONE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, page 267-274;   -   📁  Sarwar Khalid1, Hilal Kivrak2*, Duygu Alpaslan1, Sefika Kaya2, Nahit Aktas3, A REMARKABLE SYNERGIC EFFECT OF POLY (ACRYCLIC ACID) HYDROGEL ANCHORED PD CATALYSTS IN FORMIC ACID ELECTROOXIDATION REACTION, page 275-282;   -   📁  Alexandr Anatolievich Mokhov1*, Natalya Semenovna Posulikhina1, Alexey Victorovich Pеkshev1, Mikhail Aleksandrovich Gorbunov2,3, Alla Andreevna Neznamova4,5, LEGAL PROVISIONS FOR THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF BIORESOURCE CENTERS IN RUSSIA, page 283-290;   -   📁  Olga Mikhailovna Dyuzhilova1*, Dmitry Anatolyevich Tsapuk2, Anna Sergeevna Filonova3, Natalia Anatolievna Kozlova4, Vlada Sergeevna Lavelina5, DEVELOPMENT OF BANK CREDITING OF SERVICE ENTERPRISES, page 291-296;   -   📁  Boris Artemenko1*, Elena Bystray1, Irina Evtushenko1, Irina Ivanova1, Irina Kolosova1, Nadezhda Permyakova1, METHOD OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH WORK IN MUNICIPAL PRESCHOOL EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS ... IN SENIOR PRESCHOOL CHILDREN, page 297-304;   -   📁  Abdul Manan1,2*, Shaikh Saddam1,3*, Ghulam Y Shaikh1,3*, Arz M Umrani4, Ghazala Yasmeen5, Noman Khan1, Umair Safdar4, Deepti Shandilya6, EFFICACY OF SOME MEDICINAL PLANT EXTRACTS AGAINST “COLLECTROTRICHUM CAPSICI” CAUSING ... OF CHILLI, page 305-312;   -   📁  A.N. Siben1*, A.A. Gavrichkin1, M.A. Levchenko1, A.A. Gavrichkina1, REINDEER HELMINTHIASES IN THE CONDITIONS OF THE PRIURALSKY DISTRICT OF THE YAMALO-NENETS AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT, RUSSIA, page 313-320;   -   📁  Khoren Tonoyan1*, Lyubov Tarasova2, Alexander Korzhenevskiy3, Sergey Gasanbekov4, Stepan Popov5, EVALUATION OF THE INFLUENCE OF PHYSICAL FITNESS OF YOUNG ATHLETES UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF SPECIFIC TRAINING LOADS, page 321-324;   -   📁  Stepan I. Mezhov1*, Alexander V. Yashchenko1, Kirill A. Belokrylov2, Olga S. Belokrylova2, Tatyana A. Tereshchenko3, Anastasiya V. Ostrovskaya4*, Galina G. Vukovich4, CHANGES IN THE LEAN MANUFACTURING PARADIGM, page 325-330;   -   📁  Ozgur KAMER AKSOY1*, MODELLING THE POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTION OF THE CAROB (CERATONIA SILIQUA L.) IN TURKEY WITH MAXENT SOFTWARE, page 331-342;   -   📁  Kseniya Zanina1*, Alexander Kamenets1, THE INFLUENCE OF POLITICAL CULTURE ON THE REGULATION OF BEHAVIOR AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE, page 343-348;   -   📁  Kada SOUANA1, Mohamed BOUSSAID1, Leila AIT ABDERRAHIM1, Mohamed ACHIR1, Abdelkader TADJ1, Khaled TAIBI1*, INFLUENCE OF PRETREATMENT WITH SALICYLIC ACID ON SEEDS GERMINATION TRAITS OF TWO FABA BEAN GENOTYPES OF VICIA FABA L., page 373-380;   -   📁  Abdul Manan1,2*, Shaikh Saddam1,3*, Ghulam Y Shaikh1,3*, Arz M Umrani4, Ghazala Yasmeen5, Noman Khan1, Umair Safdar4, Deepti Shandilya6, EFFICACY OF SOME MEDICINAL PLANT EXTRACTS AGAINST “COLLECTROTRICHUM CAPSICI” CAUSING ... OF CHILLI, page 305-312;   -   📁  Greta Angjeli1*, Jona Marashi2, Anastas Angjeli1, PUBLIC DEBT AFTER THE COVID-19, page 357-360;   -   📁  Maksim Yu. Berezin1*, Igor A. Goncharov2, Taymuraz El. Kallagov3, Tatiana V. Larina1, Irina A. Nesmeianova1, Nataliya S. Shutikova4, CONSTITUTION IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM OF A STATE, page 361-366;   -   📁  Greta Angjeli1*, COVID-19 AND THE ECONOMIC CHALLENGES, page 367-372;   -   📁  Frida Michurina1*, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION IN THE CONTEXT OF ECOTOURISM PROMOTION IN RUSSIA, page 349-356;   -   📁  Greta Angjeli1*, Jona Marashi2, Anastas Angjeli1, PUBLIC DEBT AFTER THE COVID-19, page 357-360;   -   📁  Greta Angjeli1*, COVID-19 AND THE ECONOMIC CHALLENGES, page 367-372;   -   📁  A TADJ1,2, A BENGUERAI1, A BELHADI3, K BENABDELI1, M ACHIR2, K SOUANA2, M BOUSSAID2, K TAIBI2*, IMPACT OF BREEDING SYSTEMS ON LAND USE AND THE SUSTAINABILITY OF STEPPE FORMATIONS IN THE ARID REGION OF SIDI ABDERRAHMANE, TIARET, ALGERIA, page 381-388;   -   📁  A V. Yashchenko1*, S I. Mezhov1, V P. Kuznecova2, I V. Balashova3, N R. Molochnikov4, A V. Ostrovskaya4, G G. Vukovich4, CHANGE MANAGEMENT: A NECESSITY FOR MAINTAINING HIGH LEVELS OF INTERNAL EFFICIENCY IN PRODUCTION PROCESSES, page 389-394;   -   📁  Yu.A. Yuldashbaev1*, A.M. Abdulmuslimov2, I.A. Sazonova3, A.A. Salikhov1, E.S. Baranovich1, B.T. Kadyrgalieva4, BIOLOGICAL VALUE OF PROTEIN IN THE MUTTON FROM DAGESTAN MOUNTAIN SHEEP AND THEIR CROSSBREEDS, page 395-400;   -   📁  Vladimir N. Domatsky1,2*, Anna N. Siben1,2, RETROSPECTIVE ANALYSIS OF THE SPREAD OF HORSE STRONGYLATOSES IN THE TYUMEN REGION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, page 401-408;   -   📁  D.M. Borodulin1*, I.Y. Aleksanyan2, A.H. Nugmanov2, M.V. Prosin1*, Y.S. Golovacheva1, DETERMINATION OF THE KINETIC REGULARITIES OF THE PROCESS OF EXTRACTION OF SOLUBLE WOOD COMPOUNDS ... WITH ARTIFICIAL OXYGEN SUPPLY, page 409-420;   -   📁  Elena V Chelpanova1*, Elena B Bystray1, Victor M Moshkovich1, Larisa A Belova1, Anastasya A Shabalina1, FORMATION OF FUTURE FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHERS’ INTERACTIVE COMPETENCE AS A FACTOR OF THEIR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, page 421-432;   -   📁  V.A. Ivanov1*, A.V. Demenev1, A.A. Korneev2, A.K. Prokopenko2, M.V. Fedorov2, EFFECTIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR REPAIRS OF ENGINEERING NETWORK PIPELINES WITH THE USE OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS, page 433-438;   -   📁  Kazbek I. Ashkhamakhov1*, Roman S. Kozlov1, Vitaliy G. Svechkarev1, Tatyana A. Ivashchenko1, Zarema N. Shumakhova1, ABSTRACTION AND EMPHASIS ON THE THEORY OF SOCIAL PHENOMENA AND PROCESSES, page 439-446;   -   📁  Irina Vaslavskaya1*, Guzel Zinurova2, Larisa Egorova3, Irina Koshkina1, RESPONSIBILITY CENTERS AS A MANAGEMENT TOOL HEALTHCARE COSTS, page 447-454;   -   📁  Gjergji Syko, Albert Kreci, Admir Nake*, THE IMPORTANCE OF INSTITUTIONS INTERACTION REDUCING ROAD TRAFICKING ACCIDENTS, IN ALBANIA, page 455-458;   -   📁  Content Vol. 12.4, 2022 part1   -   📁  Content Vol. 12.4, 2022 part2   -   📁  Content vol. 12.4, 2022 part3   -   📁  Content vol. 12.4, 2022 part4   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/4, 2022 Part 1   -   📁  S Razanov1*, V Melnyk2, L Symochko3,4, A Dydiv1, O Vradii2, V Balkovskyi1, P Khirivskyi1, N Panas1, L Halyna1, O Koruniak5, AGROECOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF GRAY FOREST SOILS UNDER INTENSIVE HORTICULTURE, page 459-464;   -   📁  Phung Van Hien1*, Nguyen Ngoc Toan2, Phung Khanh Ly2 , Phung Thi Thuy Linh1, Nguyen Thi Khanh Chi1, POLICIES FOR DEVELOPING OF TEAM OF LECTURERS AT PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES: A SURVEY IN VIETNAM, page 465-474;   -   📁  Roel S. Ang1*, A REVIEW OF CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACTS ON AGRICULTURE AND ITS ADAPTATION MEASURES, page 475-480;   -   📁  Adilbek Nogayev1*, Nurlan Serekpayev1, Gani Stybayev2, Aliya Baitelenova2, Nurbolat Mukhanov1, YIELD AND NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF FORAGE CROPS FOR DAIRY GOAT PRODUCTION IN THE STEPPE OF NORTHERN KAZAKHSTAN, page 481-490;   -   📁  Abuselim Zagidovich Vezirkhanov1*, Edgar Sabirovich Kafarov1, Petr Alexandrovich Sysoev2, VARIANT ANATOMY OF THE STRUCTURAL ORGANIZATION OF THE RENAL ARTERY LINKS, page 491-496;   -   📁  Iuliia O Plekhova1*, Elena N Ludushkina1, Marina A Savkina1, Alena A Garanina2, Madina S Aldabaeva1, Lyubov N Pertseva1, LEGAL REGULATION OF PUBLIC RELATIONS CONNECTED WITH THE DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, page 497-504;   -   📁  V I Kosilov1, T S Kubatbekov2*, Y A Yuldashbaev2, I P Prokhorov2, N A Sergeenkova2, S V Savchuk2, A P Olesyuk2, COMPARATIVE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DEVELOPMENT FEATURES OF MUSCLE AND BONE TISSUE IN YOUNG BLACK AND AND WHITE CATTLE .., page 505-510;   -   📁  T S Kubatbetov1*, V I Kosilov2, A E Semak1, E A Prosekova1, N P Belyaeva1, I A Rakhimzhanova2, A Y Yuldashbayeva1, HISTOLOGICAL STRUCTURE OF THE SKIN OF THE SIMMENTAL BREED BULLS AND SIMMENTAL .. WITH RED STEPPE AND BLACK AND WHITE CATTLE, 511-516;   -   📁  E O Ermolaeva1*, V D Sekerin2, A E Gorokhova2, I K Orlova3, I I Kokhanovskaya4, E G Maslennikova5, THE USE OF OPEN SCIENTIFIC AND EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES AS A MEANS OF IMPROVING THE INFORMATION .. OF UNIVERSITY TEACHING STAFF, 517-524;   -   📁  Raisa Ivanovna Belkina1*, Galina Vasilievna Tobolova1, Vera Mihailovna Gubanova1, Tatyana Konstantinovna Fedoruk2, VARIATION OF YIELD IN SPRING SOFT WHEAT VARIETIES IN THE CONDITIONS OF THE NORTHERN TRANS-URALS, page 525-534;   -   📁  Anastasia A Kazak1*, Yury P Loginov1, Sergey N Yashchenko1, Lyudmila I Yakubyshina1, Olga A Shakhova1, DEVELOPMENT OF WHEAT VARIETIES DEPENDING ON THE SOWING PERIOD AND SEEDING RATES IN THE NORTHERN FOREST-STEPPE OF THE TYUMEN REGION, page 535-544;   -   📁  Sergey I Kurgansky1*, Olga A Kireeva1, Natalya V Posokhova1, Natalya V Baranichenko1, Ksenia G Kharkovskaya1, Natalya E Merezhko1, DEVELOPMENT OF LEAN THINKING IN A CREATIVE PERSON: FROM PUPIL TO SPECIALIST, page 545-548;   -   📁  Alba Ramallari (Allmuça)1*, Gentjan Ramallari1, Olta Fuçia1, THE SIZE AND COMPOSITION OF GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURES, TAXATION AND DEBT IN ALBANIA AND IN THE REGION, page 549-554;   -   📁  Tatiana Volkova1*, Ilya Rudenko1, Nikon Klimov1, Ekaterina Golubyatnikova1, Vera Minenkova1, SEA BEACHES AND BEACH RECREATION IN RUSSIA, page 555-562;   -   📁  Alba Ramallari (Allmuça)1*, Gentjan Ramallari1, Olta Fuçia1, THE IMPACT OF WAGES AND TAXES ON THE LABOR MARKET, page 563-566;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/4, 2022 Part 3   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/4, 2022 Part 4   -