International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 11/3, 2021

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


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Volume 11/3, 2021              


Table of contents:

📁  Cezar Kongoli12*, Thomas Smith2, NORTHERN HEMISPHERE SNOW DEPTH DISTRIBUTION USING OPTIMAL INTERPOLATION, page 367-370;   -   📁  Enrico Pagliuca1*, Antonino Meli1, NUCLEAR FUSION, THE ARC REACTOR, AND INNOVATIVE NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY, page 371-376;   -   📁  Albana R. Mehmeti, Albert Maxhuni, Musaj Paçarizi, Ismet Hashani, DETERMINATION OF HEAVY METAL CONTENT IN ASHES OF DIFFERENT WOODS OF KOSOVO, page 427-434;   -   📁  Valbona Bilali1*, Ilirjana Zekja1, Sokol Bilali2, Rudina Pirushi1, THE IMPACT OF STRESS DURING CLINICAL PRACTICE AT HOSPITALS IN NURSING STUDENTS, page 377-382;   -   📁  Kumbim Shala1*, Altin Dorri2, IMPACT OF MOTOR VEHICLE FLEET ON AIR POLLUTION IN THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO, page 383-388;   -   📁  Pavlo Lykhovyd*, THE EVIDENCE FOR OZONE PRESERVATION IMPORTNACE IN RESTRAINING GLOBAL WARMING, page 389-394;   -   📁  Erinda Prifti1*, Nensi Isak1, Kledi Xhaxhiu1, STUDY OF DESORPTION OF SOME INSECTICIDES FROM FOUR NATURAL ALBANIAN CLAYS, page 415-426;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh1*, Tatyana Konovalova2, MODERN STRUCTURAL-DYNAMIC ORGANIZATION OF PHYTOCOENOSES AT ENVIRONMENTAL CONTACTS UNDER THE IMPACT OF ANTHROPOGENIC (FIRES, CUTTING, PASTURAGE) FACTORS (South-Western Trans-Baikal, Russia), page 403-414;   -   📁  Denisa Veseli (Bego)1*, Rudina Pirushi1, Zamira Imeraj1, Valbona Bezhani1, Ferit Zavalani2, Suzana Sinakolli2, PROCEDURES OF FACILITATION OF PAIN IN NEWBORNS TO LESSEN THE PAIN DURING DIFFERENT PROCEDURES IN NEONATAL..., ALBANIA, page 435-440;   -   📁  Rudina Pirushi1*, Denisa Bego1, Zamira Imeraj1, Valbona Bilali1, Valbona Alliu1, Ferit Zavalani2, NOSOCOMIAL INFECTIONS IN PEDIATRIC INTENSIVE THERAPY, page 395-402;   -   📁  Yllka Themeli1,2*, Vjollca Ndreu1, UNUSUAL DURATION OF HASHITOXICOSIS IN A PATIENT WITH HASHIMOTO’S THYROIDITIS: CASE STUDY, page 449-452;   -   📁  Nazmi Hasanaj12, Arsim Elshani1*, Artan Sota3, REACTION OF SOME NEW WHEAT LINES IN THE CONDITIONS OF TWO CULTIVATION AREA, LUSHNJE (ALBANIA), AND ISTOG (KOSOVO), page 441-448;   -   📁  ZAIDI Hachemi1,2*, AZZAOUI Mohamed Essalah3, SOUDANI Leila3, MAATOUG Mhamed3, BOUZIANE Salim4, MAPPING OF SOIL QUALITY AND SENSITIVITY TO DEGRADATION BY ADAPTING THE MEDALUS METHOD IN THE STEPPE ZONE OF THE WILAYA OF SAIDA (ALGERIA), page 453-462;   -   📁  Ariol Rama1*, Ridvana Mediu1, AN ASSOCIATION BETWEEN POLYMORPHISMS RS1333049, RS10757278, HYPERTENSION AND DIABETES IN ALBANIAN PATIENTS, page 463-472;   -   📁  E. Gjeçi1*, P. Dhoqina1, THE DISTRIBUTION OF NATURAL RADIONUCLIDE CONCENTRATION IN SOIL IN TIRANA URBAN AREA, page 473-476;   -   📁  Muhamir Shyqeriu1,*, Rigerta Sadikaj1, Dritan Arapi2, THE INDICATOR OF ABUNDANCE (N INDIVIDUALS/FISH) AND THE SPECIES DIVERSITY INDEX (D) FOR PARASITIC FAUNA IN SOME FISHES OF OHRID LAKE, page 477-482;   -   📁  Skender Sallahi1, Blerta Halimi2, Kreshnik Nuredini2, Betim Ismajli2, Bahrije Dobra2*, Skender Demaku2*, ASSESSMENT OF THE QUALITY OF MINERAL WATER, POKLEK AND VERBOC SPRINGS, IN THE AREA OF GLLOGOC, THROUGH PHYSICO-CHEMICAL ANALYSIS, page 483-488;   -   📁  Raimonda Dervishi1*, Julian Kasharaj2, Igli Kondi2, ESTIMATING OF ROAD ACCIDENTS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC YEAR IN ALBANIA, page 489-494;   -   📁  Suela Bushi1*, Artan Trebicka1, BIOMARKERS FOR MONITORING GYNECOLOGIC MALIGNANCIES, page 495-500;   -   📁  Laura Binxhija1*, Arjana Ylli1, MEDICAL PLANTS IN DIFFERENT SOILS WITH HEAVY METALS, page 501-506;   -   📁  Julian Kasharaj1*, Igli Kondi1, Dora Foti2, Michela Lerna2, ENERGY EFFICIENCY RESULTING FROM THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE NEW PERIMETER WALLS OF THE FORMER DAJTI HOTEL IN TIRANA, ALBANIA, page 507-514;   -   📁  Ramadan Topuzi1*, Lulzim Idrizi1, Bujar Jashari1, Agron Bajraktari1, TECHNICAL AND MANAGEMENT ASPECT OF WOOD INDUSTRY RELATED TO THE TRAINING OF ENGINEERS WHO ARE PART OF THIS SECTOR, page 515-520;   -   📁  Renilda Hyseni1*, Florian Nepravishta1, Kristalba Asanbejlli1, MEASURING THE COMPLEXITY OF URBAN FORM, page 557-568;   -   📁  Oketa Boriçi (Hoxha)1*, Florian Nepravishta1, Gjergj Thomai1, TYPOLOGY OF PUBLIC HOUSING IN TIRANA DURING THE ITALIAN OCCUPATION CASE STUDY LITTORIO VILLAGE LAPRAKE AND NEW TIRANA NEIGHBOURHOOD, page 521-528;   -   📁  Nada Ibrahimi1*, Florian Nepravishta2, THEORIES AND CONCRETIZATIONS OF EXISTENTIALIST PHENOMENOLOGY: THE NEUROSCIENTIFIC PEAK OF DESIGN PROCESSES, page 529-536;   -   📁  Gani Kastrati1, Vjosa Morina2, Kreshnik Nuredini2, Betim Ismajli2, Bahrije Dobra2*, Skender Demaku2* , PHYSICOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF THE WATER WELLS IN THE AREA OF RAHOVEC, page 537-544;   -   📁  Esad Behrami1, Kledi Xhaxhiu1, Bedri Dragusha2*, Arianit Reka3, Zehra Hajrulai-Musliu4, Avni Berisha5, Adelaida Andoni1, Xhuljeta Hamiti1, Spiro Drushku1, STUDY OF ABSORPTION AND DESORBORATION OF BENALAXYL ... BRARI AND DARDHA CLAY, page 545-556;   -   📁  Esad Behrami1, Kledi Xhaxhiu1, Bedri Dragusha2*, Avni Berisha3, Zehra Hajrulai-Musliu4, Arianit Reka5, Adelaida Andoni1, Xhuljeta Hamiti1, Spiro Drushku1, THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL COMPARATIVE STUDY ON THE USE OF CLAYS ... WITH PESTICIDES, page 575-584;   -   📁  Esmeralda Thoma1*, Klotilda Vrenjo2, Sonila Bitri3, ALUMINUM PHOSPHIDE POISONING: CASE SERIES, page 585-592;   -   📁  Berrani Abdelkader1*, Meliani Samia1, BourabehAkila2, Berrouaguia Karim1, SEASONAL FLUCTUATIONS OF BIOCHEMICAL PARAMETERS IN POSTPARTUM GOATS OF LOCAL CROSS BREEDS REARED IN THE REGION OF TIARET, ALGERIA, page 569-574;   -   📁  Arieta Camaj Ibrahimi1, Tahir Arbneshi2, Karsten Meyer3, Bajram Berisha3,4, Zehra Hajrulai-Musliu5, Arben Haziri2, Aferdita Camaj Isa6*, COMPARISON OF ELISA WITH UHPLC-ESI- MS/MS METHOD FOR THE DETERMINATION OF AFLATOXIN M1 IN MILK, page 593-598;   -   📁  Esad Behrami1, Kledi Xhaxhiu1, Bedri Dragusha2*, Arianit Reka3, Adelaida Andoni1, Xhuljeta Hamiti1, Spiro Drushku1, ADSORPTION OF BENALAXYL AND ATRAZINE IN FLY ASH THE COAL OF POWER PLANT (KOSOVO A) FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS, page 599-610;   -   📁  Iris Bakiri1*, Arben Pambuku2, Eduard Andoni3, REVIEW ON THE HYDROGEOCHEMICAL EVALUATION OF LUSHNJA AQUIFER GROUNDWATERS, page 621-628;   -   📁  Contents Volume 11/3 2021 IJEES   -   📁  Ani Çuedari1*, THE NON-INCLUSIVE NATURE OF THE “HOUSE WITH ÇARDAK” TYPOLOGY IN THE ALBANIAN CONTEMPORARY URBAN CONTEXT: CASE STUDY BERAT CITY, page 611-620;   -   📁  Iris Bakiri1*, EVALUATION OF NATURAL RADIOACTIVITY IN SOME ALBANIAN BOTTLED WATER SAMPLES, page 641-644;   -   📁  Victor Voronin1, Alexander Sizykh1*, MODERN TRENDS OF FORMATION OF VEGETATION UNDER DIFFERENT PHYSICAL-GEOGRAPHIC CONDITIONS IN SOUTH-WESTERN TRANS-BAIKAL, page 633-640;   -   📁  K. Vrenjo1*, F. Kovaci1, Dh. Skenderi1, A. Kariqi1, MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION OF BLOOD LACTIC ACID, A REQUIREMENT FOR PREDICTING THE ANAEROBIC EXERCISE LOAD, page 629-632;   -   📁  Abstract Volume 11/3 , 2021 IJEES   -   📁  Soha Khasseh, REGIONAL PRIORITIES IN DESIGNING SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE BASED ON CLEAN AND RENEWABLE ENERGY IN TEHRAN, page 645-652;   -   📁  Esmeralda Thoma1*, Lordian Nunci2, Armela Priftaj3, Sonila Bitri4, Enkeleda Shkurti3, A RARE CAUSE OF DEATH FROM SNAKE BITE POISONING: CASE REPORT, page 653-658;   -   📁  Kasra Solgi1*, INVESTIGATING THE EFFICIENCY OF ENERGY SOURCES MANAGEMENT IN SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE, page 659-666;   -   📁  Hatice ÇALIŞ1, Halil Koca1, Arif KIVRAK1,2*, GREEN SYNTHESIS OF 1-METHYL-2-PHENYL-3-(THIOPHEN-2-YL)-1H-INDOLE, page 667-670;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 11/3, 2021part 1   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 11/3, 2021 part 2   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 11/3, 2021 part 3   -