International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 9/1, 2019


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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


Volume 9/1, 2019             


Table of contents:

📁  Dervishi Ermira1*, Sila Spiro2, Berberi Doriana3, CORRELATION BETWEEN TGA-IGA LEVELS AND HYSTOPATHOLOGIC CHANGES IN CD: A STUDY IN COELIAC CHILDREN IN ALBANIA, page 83-92;   -   📁  Shpresa Bajrami, THE IMPACT OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN SMEs ON THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO, page 53-58;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh¹*, VictorVoronin¹, Alexey Shekhovtsov², BIOGEOGRAPHIC ASPECTS OF THE CHARACTERISTICS OF ZONALITY, HEIGHT BELTS AND EXTRAZONALITY IN THE STRUCTURE OF VEGETATION (LAKE BAIKAL REGION), page 43-52;   -   📁  Kujtim Gashi, IMPACT OF INTEROPERABILITY OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS – THE CASE OF INSTITUTIONS OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO, page 59-64;   -   📁  Fatma Canka Kilic1*, Mehmet Keskin Kilic1, Muharrem Eyıdogan2, Durmus Kaya2, TURKEYS RENEWABLE ENERGY OUTLOOK AND A GENERAL ASSESSMENT OF RECENT DEVELOPMENTS, page 1-10;   -   📁  Mehmet Keskin Kilic1, Nurettin Abut2, Fatma Canka Kilic1,*, Muharrem Eyidoğan3, Durmus Kaya3, AN EXAMINATION OF MEASURING AND CONTROL SYSTEMS IN AN INDUSTRIAL BIOGAS PLANT IN TURKEY, page 11-16;   -   📁  Begu Adam*, BIOMONITORING OF SO2 SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION ON THE TERRITORY OF THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA, page 17-22;   -   📁  Fatma Canka Kilic1*, Mehmet Keskin Kilic1, Muharrem Eyıdogan2, Durmus Kaya2, A GENERAL EVALUATION OF TURKEY’S ENERGY DIPLOMACY AND THE LATEST CLIMATE CHANGE STUDIES, page 23-32;   -   📁  Mehmet Hadra1, Ahmet Serhan Hergül2, Durmuş Kaya3, Muharrem Eyidoğan4, Fatma Çanka Kiliç5*, Necmi Cemal Özdemir6, AN ENERGY AUDIT AND OPTIMIZATION IN BAR MILL ANNEALING FURNACE, page 33-42;   -   📁  Ali Rastegar1, Shahram Sharafzadeh1*, Mahdi Zare1, Korosh Ordookhani1, Omid Alizadeh2, REGRESSION STUDY ON PLANT DENSITY AND WEED ON THE TRAITS OF DIFFERENT RAPESEED GENOTYPES IN DARAB REGION, page 65-74;   -   📁  Elena Martusova1, Alexander Sizykh2*, Alexey Shekhovtsov3, GEOBOTANIC CHARACTERISTICS OF VEGETATION IN THE BAIKAL STATE BIOSPHERE RESERVE, page 75-82;   -   📁  Gurien Demiraqi1*, Eriola Noçka1, Agustin Delia2, Ervin Sulaj1, Rozarka Budina3, LARGE CYST TREATED USING “STICKY TOOTH” OBTAINED FROM RETAINED CANINE AND MIXED WITH Β-TCP, page 103-110;   -   📁  Atiyeh Dadvar1, Mahdi Yousefi2, Seyed Mohammad Bagher Fazljou1, Ali Akbar Taheraghdam3*, INVESTIGATING THE DESTRUCTIVE EFFECTS OF COLD HUMORS ON BRAIN IN TRADITIONAL MEDICINE, page 99-102;   -   📁  Artan Sota1*, Fetah Elezi2*, Sali Aliu3, COMBINING ABILITY FOR YIELD OF SOME LINES OF MAIZE SYNTHETIZED IN CONDITIONS OF THE MYZEQE REGION OF ALBANIA, page 93-98;   -   📁  Shahla Mozaffari1*, Narges Ajami1, Juliet Ordoukhanin1, Najmeh Eisaabadi1, INVESTIGATION OF ABSORPTION OF HEAVY METALS AND POLLUTING MINERAL COMPOUNDS BY CARBON NANOPARTICLES PRODUCED FROM POMEGRANATE PEEL, AS WELL AS ELEMENTS EFFECTIVE ON IT, page 111-12   -   📁  Seyed Morteza Emami1, Mehdi Ravanshadnia2*, Mahmood Rahimi3, ANALYSIS AND MODELING OF ENERGY DEMAND STRUCTURE IN IRANS BUILDINGS AND RELATED INDUSTRIES, page 125-140;   -   📁  Amir Hossein Tahmassian1,2, Ali Barzegar2* Parviz Shahabi3, Arshad Ghaffari-nasab3, EFFECT OF CALENDULA OFFICINALIS HYDROALCOHOLIC EXTRACT ON SERUM LEVELS OF TNF-Α, GLUCOSE, AND LEPTIN IN TYPE 1 DIABETIC MALE RATS, page 163-172;   -   📁  Petro Boyko1, Dmitry Litvinov2*, Olexander Demidenko3, Mikhailo Blashchuk3, Volodymyr Rasevich3, PREDICTION HUMUS LEVEL OF BLACK SOILS OF FOREST-STEPPE UKRAINE DEPENDING ON THE APPLICATION OF CROP ROTATION, FERTILIZATION AND TILLAGE, page 155-162;   -   📁  Elif AKPINAR KÜLEKÇİ*, USABILITY OF TULİPA SP. IN PHYTOREMEDIATION, AMONG IMPROVEMENT TECHNIQUES USING PLANTS, ITS ROLE IN THE MITIGATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION IN URBAN AREAS, THE SAMPLE OF ERZURUM CITY, TURKEY, page 141-154;   -   📁  Mehdi Boroumandi1, Mashalah Khamehchiyan2*, Mohammad Reza Nikoudel3, Mohsen Mohammadzadeh4, EVALUATION OF HEAVY METAL POLLUTION IN SURFACE SOILS IN ZANJAN PROVINCE, IRAN, page 173-182;   -   📁  Mirela Çela1*,3*, Vuksan Kola2, AN EVALUATION OF POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION – A STUDY IN ALBANIA FOR 2015-2017 PERIOD, page 183-188;   -   📁  Olena Demyanyuk1, Lyudmyla Symochko2*, Hosam E.A.F. Bayoumi Hamuda3, Vitaliy Symochko2, Olga Dmitrenko4, СARBON POOL AND BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITIES OF SOILS IN DIFFERENT ECOSYSTEMS, page 189-200;   -   📁  Atiyeh Dadvar1, Mahdi Yousefi2, Seyed Mohammad Bagher Fazljou1, Ali Akbar Taheraghdam3*, A REVIEW OF IRANIAN SCIENTISTS’ KNOWLEDGE ON COLD CEREBRAL HUMORS, page 201-204;   -   📁  Selda Uzal Seyfi1*, THE EFFECT OF CLIMATIC PARAMETERS AND SEASONAL VARIATION ON AREA PREFERENCES OF DAIRY GOATS IN CONVENTIONAL LOOSE HOUSING WITH OUTSIDE ENCLOSURE, page 205-218;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh*, Ruslan Moritz, SPATIAL-DYNAMIC CHANGES OF FORESTS STRUCTURES IN THE GREEN ZONE OF IRKUTSK CITY FOR LAST DECADES (South -West Pre-Baikal), page 219-226;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 9/1, 2019   -   📁  Contents Volume 9/1 2019 IJEES   -   📁  Abstract Volume 9/1 , 2019 IJEES   -