International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 9/1, 2019


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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


Volume 9/1, 2019             


Table of contents:

📁  Dervishi Ermira1*, Sila Spiro2, Berberi Doriana3, CORRELATION BETWEEN TGA IGA LEVELS AND HYSTOPATHOLOGIC CHANGES IN CD, A STUDY IN COELIAC CHILDREN IN ALBANIA, page 83-92;   -   📁  Shpresa Bajrami, THE IMPACT OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN SMEs ON THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO, page 53-58;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh1*, VictorVoronin1, Alexey Shekhovtsov2, BIOGEOGRAPHIC ASPECTS OF THE CHARACTERISTICS OF ZONALITY, HEIGHT BELTS AND EXTRAZONALITY IN THE STRUCTURE OF VEGETATION, LAKE BAIKAL REGION, page 43-52;   -   📁  Kujtim Gashi, IMPACT OF INTEROPERABILITY OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS – THE CASE OF INSTITUTIONS OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO, page 59-64;   -   📁  Fatma Canka Kilic1*, Mehmet Keskin Kilic1, Muharrem Eyıdogan2, Durmus Kaya2, TURKEYS RENEWABLE ENERGY OUTLOOK AND A GENERAL ASSESSMENT OF RECENT DEVELOPMENTS, page 1-10;   -   📁  Mehmet Keskin Kilic1, Nurettin Abut2, Fatma Canka Kilic1,*, Muharrem Eyidoğan3, Durmus Kaya3, AN EXAMINATION OF MEASURING AND CONTROL SYSTEMS IN AN INDUSTRIAL BIOGAS PLANT IN TURKEY, page 11-16;   -   📁  Begu Adam*, BIOMONITORING OF SO2 SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION ON THE TERRITORY OF THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA, page 17-22;   -   📁  Fatma Canka Kilic1*, Mehmet Keskin Kilic1, Muharrem Eyıdogan2, Durmus Kaya2, A GENERAL EVALUATION OF TURKEY’S ENERGY DIPLOMACY AND THE LATEST CLIMATE CHANGE STUDIES, page 23-32;   -   📁  Mehmet Hadra1, Ahmet Serhan Hergül2, Durmuş Kaya3, Muharrem Eyidoğan4, Fatma Çanka Kiliç5*, Necmi Cemal Özdemir6, AN ENERGY AUDIT AND OPTIMIZATION IN BAR MILL ANNEALING FURNACE, page 33-42;   -   📁  Ali Rastegar1, Shahram Sharafzadeh1*, Mahdi Zare1, Korosh Ordookhani1, Omid Alizadeh2, REGRESSION STUDY ON PLANT DENSITY AND WEED ON THE TRAITS OF DIFFERENT RAPESEED GENOTYPES IN DARAB REGION, page 65-74;   -   📁  Elena Martusova1, Alexander Sizykh2*, Alexey Shekhovtsov3, GEOBOTANIC CHARACTERISTICS OF VEGETATION IN THE BAIKAL STATE BIOSPHERE RESERVE, page 75-82;   -   📁  Gurien Demiraqi1*, Eriola Noçka1, Agustin Delia2, Ervin Sulaj1, Rozarka Budina3, LARGE CYST TREATED USING “STICKY TOOTH” OBTAINED FROM RETAINED CANINE AND MIXED WITH Β-TCP, page 103-110;   -   📁  Atiyeh Dadvar1, Mahdi Yousefi2, Seyed Mohammad Bagher Fazljou1, Ali Akbar Taheraghdam3*, INVESTIGATING THE DESTRUCTIVE EFFECTS OF COLD HUMORS ON BRAIN IN TRADITIONAL MEDICINE, page 99-102;   -   📁  Artan Sota1*, Fetah Elezi2*, Sali Aliu3, COMBINING ABILITY FOR YIELD OF SOME LINES OF MAIZE SYNTHETIZED IN CONDITIONS OF THE MYZEQE REGION OF ALBANIA, page 93-98;   -   📁  Shahla Mozaffari1*, Narges Ajami1, Juliet Ordoukhanin1, Najmeh Eisaabadi1, INVESTIGATION OF ABSORPTION OF HEAVY METALS AND POLLUTING MINERAL COMPOUNDS ... FROM POMEGRANATE PEEL, AS WELL AS ELEMENTS EFFECTIVE ON IT, page 111-124;   -   📁  Seyed Morteza Emami1, Mehdi Ravanshadnia2*, Mahmood Rahimi3, ANALYSIS AND MODELING OF ENERGY DEMAND STRUCTURE IN IRANS BUILDINGS AND RELATED INDUSTRIES, page 125-140;   -   📁  Amir Hossein Tahmassian1,2, Ali Barzegar2*, Parviz Shahabi3, Arshad Ghaffari nasab3, EFFECT OF CALENDULA OFFICINALIS HYDROALCOHOLIC EXTRACT ON SERUM LEVELS OF TNF Α, GLUCOSE AND LEPTIN IN TYPE 1 DIABETIC MALE RATS, page 163-172;   -   📁  Petro Boyko1, Dmitry Litvinov2*, Olexander Demidenko3, Mikhailo Blashchuk3, Volodymyr Rasevich3, PREDICTION HUMUS LEVEL OF BLACK SOILS OF FOREST STEPPE UKRAINE DEPENDING ON THE APPLICATION OF CROP ROTATION, FERTILIZATION AND TILLAGE, page 155-162;   -   📁  Elif AKPINAR KULEKCI*, USABILITY OF TULIPA Sp. IN PHYTOREMEDIATION, AMONG IMPROVEMENT TECHNIQUES USING PLANTS, ITS ROLE IN THE MITIGATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION IN URBAN AREAS, THE SAMPLE OF ERZURUM CITY, TURKEY, page 141-154;   -   📁  Mehdi Boroumandi1, Mashalah Khamehchiyan2*, Mohammad Reza Nikoudel3, Mohsen Mohammadzadeh4, EVALUATION OF HEAVY METAL POLLUTION IN SURFACE SOILS IN ZANJAN PROVINCE, IRAN, page 173-182;   -   📁  Mirela Çela1*,3*, Vuksan Kola2, AN EVALUATION OF POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION – A STUDY IN ALBANIA FOR 2015-2017 PERIOD, page 183-188;   -   📁  Olena Demyanyuk1, Lyudmyla Symochko2*, Hosam E.A.F. Bayoumi Hamuda3, Vitaliy Symochko2, Olga Dmitrenko4, СARBON POOL AND BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITIES OF SOILS IN DIFFERENT ECOSYSTEMS, page 189-200;   -   📁  Atiyeh Dadvar1, Mahdi Yousefi2, Seyed Mohammad Bagher Fazljou1, Ali Akbar Taheraghdam3*, A REVIEW OF IRANIAN SCIENTISTS’ KNOWLEDGE ON COLD CEREBRAL HUMORS, page 201-204;   -   📁  Selda Uzal Seyfi1*, THE EFFECT OF CLIMATIC PARAMETERS AND SEASONAL VARIATION ON AREA PREFERENCES OF DAIRY GOATS IN CONVENTIONAL LOOSE HOUSING WITH OUTSIDE ENCLOSURE, page 205-218;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh*, Ruslan Moritz, SPATIAL-DYNAMIC CHANGES OF FORESTS STRUCTURES IN THE GREEN ZONE OF IRKUTSK CITY FOR LAST DECADES (South -West Pre-Baikal), page 219-226;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 9/1, 2019   -   📁  Contents Volume 9/1 2019 IJEES   -   📁  Abstract Volume 9/1 , 2019 IJEES   -