International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 8/3, 2018


IJEES Volume 8/3, 2018


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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


Volume 8/3, 2018              

Table of contents:

📁  Lyudmyla Symochko1,2*, Tamara Meleshko2, Vitaliy Symochko3, Nadiya Boyko2, MICROBIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF SOIL-BORNE ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE HUMAN PATHOGENS IN AGROECOSYSTEMS, page 591-598;   -   📁  Valentina Asabella1*, Mira Rakacolli2, PREVALENCE OF POST STROKE DEPRESSION IN AMBULATORY PATIENTS, page 579-584;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh¹⃰, Alexander Gritsenyuk², Alexey Shekhovtsov³, STRUCTURAL-DYNAMIC ORGANIZATION OF PHYTOCENOSES OF FOREST AND FOREST-STEPPE VEGETATION TYPES IN SOUTH-WEST PRE-BAIKAL, page 433-442;   -   📁  Sheida Korjani, IMPROVEMENT OF GREEN PUBLIC SPACE IN RESIDENTIAL COMPLEXES: A TOOL FOR GREEN COMMUNITY, page 443-448;   -   📁  Arian Kashami1, Amela Troshani2, Zamira Shabani3, DOPPLER ULTRASONOGRAPHY WAVEFORMS CHANGES IN IUGR AND THEIR VALUES IN THE RELEVANT MANAGEMENT OF PREGNANCY, page 449-456;   -   📁  Musa Dinc1*, Ahmet Duman2, Mustafa Tufekcioglu2, Aydin Tufekcioglu2, BIOMASS ALLOCATION IN RELATION TO PRECIPITATION, TEMPERATURE AND SOIL PROPERTIES IN THE GRASSLAND OF CORUH RIVER BASIN, TURKEY: USING STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODELLING WITH AMOS, page 457-47   -   📁  Jahed Jafarimand*, IMPACT OF ARCHITECTURAL FEATURES ON ENERGY CONSUMPTION IN SCHOOLS: AN APPROACH TO ECOLOGICAL ARCHITECTURE, page 471-478;   -   📁  Zeynep Eren*, A CASE STUDY ON CARBON FOOTPRINT IN ERZURUM CITY OF 2012, TURKEY, page 479-490;   -   📁  Borovskii G.B.1,2*, Borovskaya M.K.1,2, Gornostay T.G.1, BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF EXTRACTS FROM THE MYCELIUM OF MEDICINAL MUSHROOM INONOTUS RHEADES, page 491-496;   -   📁  Zeynep Eren*, ASSESSING AND MITIGATING STUDIES OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL AND ECOLOGICAL IMPACTS OF 2011 WINTER UNIVERSIADE IN ERZURUM, TURKEY, page 497-502;   -   📁  Irina Vorobyeva*, Natalaya Vlasova, Elena Naprasnikova, COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS OF THE QUALITY OF WATER BODIES IN BAIKAL NATURAL TERRITOR, page 503-508;   -   📁  Ayin Hosseini, ENVIRONMENTAL ROLE OF URBAN LANDSCAPE INDICATORS IN OLDER DISTRICTS OF CITIES, page 509-514;   -   📁  Mario Cavargna1, Massimo Zucchetti1,2, THE HIGH-SPEED RAIL HANDBOOK: A TECHNICAL GUIDE1, page 515-530;   -   📁  Sheida Korjani, ROLE OF PUBLIC GREEN SPACE IN IMPROVEMENT OF HEALTH IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS, page 531-538;   -   📁  Edlira Elezaj1*, Adriana Babameto2, NONINVASIVE METHODS IN EVALUATION OF PORTAL HYPERTENSION, page 539-544;   -   📁  Mostafa Madmoli1, Fatemeh Rostami2*, NastaranMirsami Yazdi3, Ahmad Mosavi4, Shahram Baraz5, EVALUATION OF PREVALENCE OF DIABETIC FOOT ULCER AND ITS ... A RETROSPECTIVE STUDY, page 545-552;   -   📁  Fatemeh Rostami1, Mostafa Madmoli2*, Nastaran Mirsami Yazdi3, Shahram Baraz4, EVALUATION OF THE PREVALENCE OF LOWER LIMB AMPUTATION AND ITS ... A RETROSPECTIVE STUDY, page 553-560;   -   📁  Adriana Prifti1*, Valentina Qemalli2, Lidra Zikaj1, Etleva Refatllari3, ANTIPSYCHOTIC TREATMENT AND METABOLIC ALTERATION IN PATIENTS WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA, page 575-578;   -   📁  Maryam Salehi, Ghavmudin Zahedi Amiri, NUTRIENT RETRANSLOCATION INTO THE SOIL IN PURE AND MIXED STANDS OF PARROTIA PERSICA, CASE STUDY: PATOM DISTRICT OF KHEYROUD FOREST, page 561-574;   -   📁  Eduard Spahiu1*, Klodiana Spahiu1, DIABETIC CARDIOMIOPATHY CLINICAL FEATURES, page 585-590;   -   📁  Zeinab Raisifar1, Alieh Afshar Nia1, Mostafa Madmoli2*, Yaghoob Madmoli1, THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN USING INSULIN, page 623-628; ...   -   📁  Gina Raluca Kerkmann1*, HysenMankolli2, THE EVALUATION OF DRINKING WATER QUALITY OF AGRI TOWN USING CILIATES AS BIOINDICATORS, page 599-608;   -   📁  Zeinab Raisifar1, Alieh Afshar Nia1, Hoda Maghamesi Moarrefi2, Mostafa Madmoli3*, EVALUATION OF GI BLEEDING PREVALENCE AND ITS RELATED FACTORS IN DIABETIC PATIENTS HOSPITALIZED IN KHATAM-OL-ANBIA HOSPITAL DURING 2015-16: A RETROSPECTIVE STUDY, page 609-61   -   📁  Ngodigha Sabina Alatari1*, Abowei Jasper Freeborn Nestor1, KEYSTONE SPECIES AND POSSIBLE IMPACT OF ARTISANAL FISHING IN EKPERIAMA (EKPERIKIRI) FISHING AREA IN NIGER DELTA, page 615-622;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh1*, Alexey Shekhovtsov2, ECOLOGICAL-GEOBOTANIC MAPPING (SOME ASPECTS OF METHODOLOGY AND METHODS APPROACHES IN VEGETATION (MAPPING), page 629-636;   -   📁  Denada Lacej1,2*, Marinela Dibra1, Andi Koraqi1,2, PREVALENCE OF SEROVARS AND ANTIMICROBIAL SUSCEPTIBILITY IN CLINICAL ISOLATES OF Salmonella 637-642;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 8/3, 2018   -   📁  Abstract Volume 8/3 , 2018 IJEES   -   📁  Admir Nake1*, LABORATORY, SOCIETY, TRAUMA “VECTORS” (CONSEQUENCES), PARTS OF NON-EUCLIDEAN TRIANGLES, page 643-648;   -   📁  Mostafa Madmoli1, Owrang Eilami2, Karim Rezaie2, Marzie Abbaszade Aliabad3, Moslem Moslemirad4*, DIABETES AND THE RISK OF SUFFERING CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES: A TWO-YEAR RETROSPECTIVE STUDY, page 649-656;   -   📁  Contents Volume 8/3 2018 IJEES   -