International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 13/2, 2023

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


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📁  Oleksandr Tkachuk*, Nadiya Viter, Snizhana Pankova, Olga Titarenko, Lyudmila Yakovets, THE CURRENT ENVIRONMENTAL STATE OF THE FIELD PROTECTIVE FOREST BELTS OF THE FOREST STEPPE OF UKRAINE, page 1-6;   -   📁  M Balubaid1, W A Gulzar1, H Aburas1, O Taylan1, A S Alkabaa1, O A Bafail1, A A Makki2, A Y Alqahtani1, H M Alidrisi1, B O Al-Sasi1, Sh A Karuvatt3, H Alidrisi1*, MONITORING THE PERFORMANCE OF AGRICUL. AND FOOD SECTOR COMPANIES USING DEA, page 9-24;   -   📁  DOUKANI Koula12*, BOUHENNI Hasna1, BOUKIRAT Dyhia3, HADJARAB Mohamed Hocine1, MOKHTAR Asma1, ZAHI Racha1, EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDY OF GASTRODUODENAL DISEASES (HELICOBACTER PYLORI) IN THE REGION OF TIARET, ALGERIA, page 25-32;   -   📁  Eugena Tomini1*, Adela Vasili1, Elona Kureta1, Artan Simaku1, Silvia Bino1, COVID-19: A PANDEMIC EXPERIENCE FOR THE COOPERATION OF THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE, page 33-36;   -   📁  Content vol. 13.2, 2023   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 13/2, 2023   -