International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 13/1, 2023

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


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📁  Dinh Cong Hoang1, Phan Huy Duong2*, To Tha Hien3, THE ROLE OF INSTITUTIONAL REFORM IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR DEVELOPMENT: EVIDENCE IN A TRANSITION COUNTRY, page 13-26;   -   📁  Sukru Dursun1*, MARMARA SEA POLLUTION WITH ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, page 1-6;   -   📁  Nguyen Trong Hung1*, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, Tran Thi Tra Phuong3*, Le Ngoc Nuong4, Ninh Thi Nhung5*, TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS IN PATIENT TREATMENT AND SURGERY SOLUTION FOR CANCER TREATMENT AT BAI CHAY HOSPITAL, QUANG NINH, page 7-12;   -   📁  Massimo Zucchetti, NUCLEAR PEACE IN UKRAINE: A ROADMAP, page 59-62;   -   📁  Nguyen Trong Diep1*, Nguyen Dinh Trung2*, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy3*, Ly Lan Yen4*, Pham Thi Hong Nhung5, IMPROVEMENT OF INDUSTRIAL CLUSTERS IC INFRASTRUCTURE IN HANOI, CONSUMER PROTECTION .. AND REGULATIONS IN INDUSTRIAL CLUSTER IC DEVELOPMENT, page 33-38;   -   📁  Petro Boiko1, Nataliia Kovalenko2*, Yevgen Yurkevych3, Nataliia Valentiuk3, Serhii Albul3, THE HISTORY, CURRENT STATE AND PROSPECTS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION .. CULTIVATION OF CORN IN ORGANIC FARMING OF THE SOUTHERN STEPPE OF UKRAINE, page 39-58;   -   📁  Nguyen Dinh Trung1*, Nguyen Trong Diep2*, Le Ngoc Nuong3*, Phan Anh4*, Le Thi Han5, ANALYSIS OF INDUSTRIAL CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT, FRAMEWORK AND RELEVANT REGULATIONS, page 27-32;   -   📁  Pham Hung Nhan1*, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, THE ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION IN CA MAU PROVINCE IN THE INDUSTRIAL TIME AND MODERNIZATION, 1997 - 2017 YEARS, page 63-72;   -   📁  Trinh Quoc Vinh1*, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, Yakutseny Sergey Pavlovich1*, DIGITAL TWIN OF SOLID MINERAL DEPOSITS, DIGITAL TWIN OF SUBSOIL USE: IS IT NEEDED AND WHY, page 73-78;   -   📁  Nguyen Dinh Trung1*, RECOMMENDATIONS FOR POLICIES ON INFRASTRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION FOR INDUSTRIAL ZONES IN HANOI CITY, page 79-86;   -   📁  Trinh Quoc Vinh1*, Sergey Yakutseny1*, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, CLASSICAL TOXICOLOGY AND MAIN TASKS OF GEOTOXICOLOGY AND ANALYSIS OF ENVIRONMENTAL RISKS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF HYDROCARBON RAW MATERIALS, page 87-94;   -   📁  Minh Ngoc DAO1, Thi Hong Viet BUI1*, MEASUREMENT OF VIETNAM CULTURAL RESOURCES ATTRACTIVENESS: THE CASE OF VIETNAM, page 95-108;   -   📁  Bouricha Zineb12, Chikhaoui Mira1,3,*, Abdelhadi Si Ameur1.2, PRELIMINARY STUDY ON THE REPRODUCTION PARAMETERS OF CATTLE IN SOME DAIRY FARMS IN THE WEST OF ALGERIA, page 117-122;   -   📁  Ngo Ngoc Diem1*, DISCUSSION ON EXISTING PROBLEMS AND RECOMMENDATION BASE FOR PROVISION OF ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMINES IN CRIMINAL LAW, page 109-116;   -   📁  Flora Qarri1, Sonila Shehu2*, Pranvera Lazo2, PHYSICO-CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF SEA WATER OF BEACHES ALONG VLORA BAY, ALBANIA, page 123-128;   -   📁  Leila Soudani*, Meriem Chafaa, Mohamed Islem Bouacha, Omar Safa, Moulkheir Selmani, Mhamed Maatoug, ASSESSMENT OF NOX CONTENTS BY MEANS OF A SENTINEL LICHEN XANTHORIA PARITIENA L IN THE TOWN OF TIARET, ALGERIA: POLLUTION CLASSES AND MAPPING, page 129-136;   -   📁  Aleko Miho1*, IMPORTANCE OF SOCIO-ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH AND THE SCIENCE-POLICY INTERFACE IN ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY IN ALBANIA, page 137-142;   -   📁  Iryna Mosiychuk1, Iryna Beznosko1*, Julia Turovnik1 Alla Lishchuk1, Tatiana Gorgan1, Yurii Ternovyi2, FORMATION OF MICROBIAL COMPLEX OF THE SOIL IN AGROCENOSE OF SPRING BARLEY USING ECOLOGICALLY SAFE CULTIVATION TECHNOLOGIES, page 143-154;   -   📁  Amina Belkhemas1*, Abdellatif Niar1, Bouabdellah Benallou2, Abdelkader Difallah1, Sabrina Ait Abdelkader2, Mohamed Badrane3, PHYSICOCHEMICAL QUALITY DETERMINATION OF PASTEURIZED AND UHT MILK MARKETED IN TIARET REGION, ALGERIA, page 155-160;   -   📁  L Lazarieva1, L Akymenko1, H Postoienko1*, V Postoienko1, L Nikitina1, D Zasiekin2, S Razanov3, V Nedosekov2, S Amons4, А Razanova3, L Symochko5,6, SPECIFIC QUALITY INDICATORS OF MONOFLORAL LINDEN HONEY, page 161-168;   -   📁  S A Abdelkader1*, B Benallou1, M A Ayad2, A Belkhemas1, Y H Boussada2, S Benouadah3, DIAGNOSIS OF EQUINE POST-BREEDING ENDOMETRITIS: ULTRASONOGRAPHY, MICROBIOLOGY, CYTOLOGY, AND CORRELATION TO FERTILITY IN TIARET REGION, WESTERN ALGERIA, page 169-178;   -   📁  Aida Dervishi1*, Dhimitër Peçi2, Gledjan Caka1, Adriatik Cakalli3, GENETIC DIVERSITY ANALYSIS AMONG ALFALFA ECOTYPES OF ‘TOMIN’ OF ALBANIA, page 179-184;   -   📁  А.Т. Аimen1*, Zh. Nazikova1, G. Mussayeva1, I. Suleimenova1, G.T. Kuandykova1, L. Ukibayeva1, G. S. Anarova1, G. Akhauova1, ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY OF NATURAL ECONOMIC COMPLEXES OF RIVER BASINS OF CENTRAL ASIAN COUNTRIES, page 185-194;   -   📁  Content vol. 13.1, 2023   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 13/1, 2023   -