International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/1, 2022

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


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📁  Alexander V Baranovsky1, Alexey S Sadovoy1, Sergey I Kapustin2,3, Andrey S Kapustin4*, Alexander M Stroyny1, Anna S Golub3, CHARACTERISTICS OF CONSUMPTIVE WATER USE OF MILLET AND SORGHUM DEPENDING...IN DRY CONDITIONS OF STEPPE ZONE, page 1-6;   -   📁  Heyam Abdulrahman Al Mousa1, Haseebullah Abdul Naeem1*, Zainab Mohammed Alwan Al- Juboori2, PERCEIVED-HOTELSCAPES AND ITS IMPACT ON CUSTOMER PATRONAGE: AN EMPIRICAL PERSPECTIVES, page 77-86;   -   📁  Fatima-Zohra Kenza Labbani1,2,*, Scheherazad Dakhmouche1,2, Leila Bennamoun2,3, Amel Ait-Kaki2,4, Tahar Nouadri2,3, EXTRACELLULAR HYDROLYTIC ENZYMES OF YEASTS ISOLATED FROM FRUIT AND BEET PEELS IN ALGERIA, page 7-16;   -   📁  Julinda Jaho1*, Suzana Nuellari2, Artan Bano3, DECOMPENSATION OF CHRONIC OPEN ANGLE GLAUCOMA FOLLOWING A SPINAL STEROID INJECTION: A CASE REPORT, page 17-20;   -   📁  Arpit Sharma1*, Sanjeevi Shanthakumar2, ACCOUNTABILITY OF CORPORATE TOWARDS ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES THROUGH THE LENS OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (FINANCIAL) AND BUSINESS RESPONSIBILITY (NON-FINANCIAL)...COMPANIES ON NIFTY, page 21-28;   -   📁  Arjan Korpa1*, Sara Dervishi1, Diana Gecaj1, Kristi Shahu1, Spiro Drushku2, REGENERATION EFFICIENCY ASSESSMENT OF A UMO TREATED WITH ACTIVATED KARAQEVA’S KOSOVO BENTONITE, page 29-40;   -   📁  Viacheslav Sichkar1, Volodymyr Orekhivskyi2, Lyudmila Bilyavskaya3, Anna Kryvenko1*, Ruslan Solomonov1, Anna Diyanova3, USE OF SOYBEAN GENETIC RESOURCES TO CREATE HIGHLY ADAPTIVE VARIETIES, page 41-58;   -   📁  Lulzime Dhora1*, THE CONDITIONS OF MARKET FISH POPULATIONS, THAT IMPACT ON SHKODRA LAKE STABILITY, WATER QUALITY AND SUSTAINABLE FISHING, page 59-66;   -   📁  Risida Gjonej1*, Albana Poloska1, Etleva Smakaj1, Valbona Bezhani1, Flora Zyberaj1, ASSOCIATION OF DELIVERY MODE AND BREASTFEEDING, page 67-76;   -   📁  Contents Volume 12/1 2022 IJEES   -   📁  Abstract Volume 12/1, 2022 IJEES   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/1, 2022   -