International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/1, 2022

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


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Volume 12/1, 2022              


Table of contents: 

📁  Alexander V Baranovsky1, Alexey S Sadovoy1, Sergey I Kapustin2,3, Andrey S Kapustin4*, Alexander M Stroyny1, Anna S Golub3, CHARACTERISTICS OF CONSUMPTIVE WATER USE OF MILLET AND SORGHUM DEPENDING...IN DRY CONDITIONS OF STEPPE ZONE, page 1-6;   -   📁  Fatima-Zohra Kenza Labbani1,2,*, Scheherazad Dakhmouche1,2, Leila Bennamoun2,3, Amel Ait-Kaki2,4, Tahar Nouadri2,3, EXTRACELLULAR HYDROLYTIC ENZYMES OF YEASTS ISOLATED FROM FRUIT AND BEET PEELS IN ALGERIA, page 7-16;   -   📁  Julinda Jaho1*, Suzana Nuellari2, Artan Bano3, DECOMPENSATION OF CHRONIC OPEN ANGLE GLAUCOMA FOLLOWING A SPINAL STEROID INJECTION: A CASE REPORT, page 17-20;   -   📁  Arpit Sharma1*, Sanjeevi Shanthakumar2, ACCOUNTABILITY OF CORPORATE TOWARDS ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES THROUGH THE LENS OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (FINANCIAL) AND BUSINESS RESPONSIBILITY (NON-FINANCIAL)...COMPANIES ON NIFTY, page 21-28;   -   📁  Arjan Korpa1*, Sara Dervishi1, Diana Gecaj1, Kristi Shahu1, Spiro Drushku2, REGENERATION EFFICIENCY ASSESSMENT OF A UMO TREATED WITH ACTIVATED KARAQEVA’S KOSOVO BENTONITE, page 29-40;   -   📁  Viacheslav Sichkar1, Volodymyr Orekhivskyi2, Lyudmila Bilyavskaya3, Anna Kryvenko1*, Ruslan Solomonov1, Anna Diyanova3, USE OF SOYBEAN GENETIC RESOURCES TO CREATE HIGHLY ADAPTIVE VARIETIES, page 41-58;   -   📁  Lulzime Dhora1*, THE CONDITIONS OF MARKET FISH POPULATIONS, THAT IMPACT ON SHKODRA LAKE STABILITY, WATER QUALITY AND SUSTAINABLE FISHING, page 59-66;   -   📁  Risida Gjonej1*, Albana Poloska1, Etleva Smakaj1, Valbona Bezhani1, Flora Zyberaj1, ASSOCIATION OF DELIVERY MODE AND BREASTFEEDING, page 67-76;   -   📁  Heyam Abdulrahman Al Mousa1, Haseebullah Abdul Naeem1*, Zainab Mohammed Alwan Al- Juboori2, PERCEIVED-HOTELSCAPES AND ITS IMPACT ON CUSTOMER PATRONAGE: AN EMPIRICAL PERSPECTIVES, page 77-86;   -   📁  Nataliia Kovalenko1*, Svitlana Yehorova2, THE HISTORY OF DEVELOPMENT AND THE PERSPECTIVES OF IMPLEMENTATION OF INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE USE OF WATER AND LAND ... IN UKRAINE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE 21st CENTURY, page 87-100;   -   📁  Muhamet Kadrija1*, Fatmira Karabollaj2, LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE AND NURSING PRACTICES ON DIABETIC FOOT MANAGEMENT, page 101-106;   -   📁  Andia Meksi1, Enkelejda Shkurti2*, ORGANIZATIONAL, ETHICAL AND LEGAL ASPECTS OF PALLIATIVE CARE IN ALBANIA, page 125-132;   -   📁  Ekaterina Alexandrovna Vetrova1*, Elena Evgen’evna Kabanova2, Elena Vladimirovna Dupliy3, Julia Olegovna Sulyagina3, Sergey Anatolyevich Makushkin3, THE LANDSCAPING FEATURES OF THE CITY OF BALASHOV, RUSSIA, page 133-140;   -   📁  Nguyen Thi Hoa1*, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2, Tran Van Trung1, IMPLEMENT POLICY ON STUDENT SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AT VIETNAM UNIVERSITIES AND EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS TODAY: ISSUES TO DISCUSS, page 111-118;   -   📁  Albert Lama1, Diamant Shtiza2*, Enkelejda Shkurti3, THE IMPORTANCE OF URINE CULTURES IN THE FOLLOW-UP AFTER FIRST FEBRILE UTI, page 107-110;   -   📁  Safwan Al Salaimeh1*, Khaldoun Besoul2, Ayman Nayef Al Halaybeh2, POWERFUL ALGORITHM FOR ADAPTIVE RECOGNITION OF DYNAMIC SYSTEM PARAMETERS, page 119-124;   -   📁  Adam Abdeljalil1*, Saffaj Nabil1, Mamouni Rachid1, TOWARDS A GUIDELINE OF A SPILL MANAGEMENT: INDUSTRIAL SITES AS A CASE STUDY, page 141-148;   -   📁  D.Iu. Tiulin1*, A.A. Vasiliev1, Iu.A. Guseva1, O.A. Gurkin1, A.A. Anurieva1, FISH REPRODUCTION CONDITIONS OF THE VOLGOGRAD RESERVOIR IN THE WATER AREAS ... IN 2020 IN COMPARISON WITH PREVIOUS YEARS, page 195-200;   -   📁  S Sergeevna1*, K Vladimirovich1, L Igorevna1, A Talhauly2, A Darya2, L Alexandrochich3, P Vladimirovich4, B Aleksandrovich4, B Viktorovich5, MARKET ASSESSMENT OF PAYMENT FOR ECOSYSTEM SERVICES, page 149-158;   -   📁  Yana A. Volynchuk1*, Tatiana D. Lykova2, Vasilina A. Popil2, POSSIBILITIES OF TERRITORIAL BRANDING AS DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR THE FAR EAST OF RUSSIA, page 159-164;   -   📁  Valentina V. Zhokhova1*, Natalya P. Belozertseva1, Natalya A. Yurchenko1, FORECAST ESTIMATES OF FAR EASTERN EXPORT TREPANG TO CHINA, page 165-178;   -   📁  Alla A. Udovikova1*, Irina N. Marchenkova1, A PRACTICE-ORIENTED APPROACH TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENT-BASED BANKRUPTCY DIAGNOSIS, page 179-186;   -   📁  Larisa A. Glazunova1*, Angelina A. Yurchenko1, Yuri V. Glazunov1, Evgenii M. Gagarin1, Ivan V. Plotnikov1, CONTAMINATION OF RAW MILK WITH CONDITIONALLY PATHOGENIC MICROORGANISMS AND ANTIBIOTICS, page 187-194;   -   📁  Mikhail Yu. Tretiakov1*, Valeriy K. Tokhtar1, Anna E. Ivleva1, Julia N. Kurkina1, Irina V. Batlutskaya1, Igor V. Lyashenko1, OPTIMIZING THE DRY PLANT SAMPLE PREPARATION METHOD FOR EFFICIENT DNA EXTRACTION IN SYRINGA VULGARIS, page 201-206;   -   📁  Valeriy K. Tokhtar*, Mikhail Yu. Tretiakov, Victoria N. Zelenkova, Tatiana V. Petrunova, ASSESSMENT OF THE PHYTOREMEDIATION POTENTIAL OF AQUATIC PLANTS OF THE BELGOROD REGION FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT, page 207-216;   -   📁  Elena I Artemova1, Olga Y Voronkova2, Alexey V Kulchitsky3, Tatiana V Morozova4, Ravil G Akhmadeev4*, Vladimir M Plosky5, COUNTRY ASPECTS OF USE OF TAX INSTRUMENTS ON THE HYDROCARBON MARKET, page 217-224;   -   📁  Behcet Oznacar1*, Mahmut Celik1, FACTORS THAT LEAD TO CHANGE IN THE MISSION AND VISION STATEMENTS OF ORGANIZATIONS: A RESEARCH ON FIVE-STAR HOTELS OPERATING IN ... NORTHERN CYPRUS, page 225-236;   -   📁  Mustafa Gursoy1*, BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONAL RESPONSE TO ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, page 237-244;   -   📁  Alexander M. Konstantinov1*, EXPLORING THE ESSENCE OF THE GAME IN CONTEXT INTERACTION OF GAMING AND LEGAL NORMS, page 245-252;   -   📁  Ivan A. Usenkov1*, EVALUATION OD “SUNSET LEGISLATION” AS A MEANS OF DEREGULATION, page 253-260;   -   📁  G Vukovich1*, A Ostrovskaya1, L Zakharova1, E Ponomarenko1, E Slepcova1, STRATEGIC TRENDS THAT DETERMINE THE ACTUALIZATION OF MARKETING ELEMENTS OF PERSONNEL IN THE FIELD OF AGROTOURISM IN RUSSIA DURING THE CORONACRISIS, page 261-272;   -   📁  G Vukovich1*, A Ostrovskaya1, L Zaharova1, A Kovalenko1, V Kuznecova2, FORMALIZATION OF THE MARKETING CONTOUR HR-POLICIES IN THE FIELD OF AGROTOURISM IN RUSSIA AS A CONDITION FOR ITS BALANCED DEVELOPMENT, page 273-282;   -   📁  Оlga Hafiiak1, Lyudmyla Symochko1,2*, SOIL AND WATER MICROBIOTA AS BIOINDICATORS FOR THE ASSESSMENT ECOLOGICAL STATUS OF ECOSYSTEMS, page 305-312;   -   📁  Krystel Grace V. Padilla1*, SCREENING OF PLANT-DERIVED EXTRACTS AGAINST DNASE PRODUCTION OF Staphylococcus Aureus 1582, page 283-290;   -   📁  Danny O. Alfonso1*, MYCOCHEMICAL SCREENING, PROXIMATE ANALYSIS AND ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY OF Pleurotus pulmonarius (Fr.) Quel, page 299-304;   -   📁  Razanov S1*, Landin V2, Nedashkivskyi V3, Ohorodnichuk H4, Gucol G5, Symochko L6, Komynar M7, INTENSITY OF 137CS TRANSITION INTO NECTAR-POLLINATING PLANTS AND BEEKEEPING PRODUCTS DURING RECLAMATION OF RADIOACTIVELY CONTAMINATED SOILS, page 291-298;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/1, 2022 part 2   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/1, 2022   -   📁  Contents Volume 12/1 2022 IJEES   -   📁  Abstract Volume 12/1 , 2022 IJEES   -