International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 10/4, 2020

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science



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Table of contents:

📁  Cezar Kongoli12, EVALUATION OF A BLENDED SATELLITE IN-SITU SNOW DEPTH ANALYSIS OVER MOUNTAIN TERRAIN, page 583-586;   -   📁  Natalia Makarenko1, Valeria Bondar1*, Volodymyr Makarenko2, Lyudmyla Symochko3,4, FACTORS AFFECTING MOBILITY OF ZINC IN SOILS OF UKRAINE, page 587-594;   -   📁  Sukru DURSUN, EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND DROUGHT IN KONYA: A REVIEV, page 595-602;   -   📁  Olena Litvinova1, Dmytrо Litvinov1*, Stanislav Degodyuk2, Svitlana Romanova3, Volodymyr Rasevich4, EFFECT OF FERTILIZERS SYSTEMS ON ACCUMULATION OF HEAVY METALS IN GRAY FOREST SOIL, page 603-608;   -   📁  Evelina Hasa*, Sonila Duka, Ervis Lika, Sidita Mançe, A STUDY ON DIFFERENCES OF ALBANIAN Salvia officinalis L. ESSENTIAL OILS DEPENDING ON GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION, page 609-616;   -   📁  Bouzidi Said1, Ghazi Kheira1, Meliani Samia2*, Boulbair Ismail1, Chaouch Rouba1, Staphylococcus aureus STRAINS ISOLATED FROM BOVINE MASTITIS SENSITIVITY TO ANTIBIOTICS, page 617-624;   -   📁  Isuf Lushi1*, Sadik Maloku1, RESEARCH REGARDING CONSUMER PURCHASE AND NEED FOR VEGETABLE PRODUCTS IN THE KOSOVO MARKET, page 633-638;   -   📁  Igli Kondi1*, Julian Kasharaj1, Erza Askushaj2, Anisa Asimi2, COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS ON THE CALCULATION METHODS OF THE MOMENT OF THE FIRST CRACK ACCORDING TO THE ALBANIAN CODES AND EUROCODES, page 625-632;   -   📁  Nexhdet Shala1, Arsim Elshani1*, Ibrahim Hoxha1, DETERMINING THE NITROGEN BALANCE OF WHEAT FERTILIZER AND POTENTIAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONSEQUENCES IN THE FIELD OF DUKAGJINI, page 639-646;   -   📁  KRA Essi Kouadio Francis1*, YAO Leboua1, AKICHI Agboue2, DETERMINATION OF THE METHANOGENIC POTENTIAL OF CASSAVA (MANIHOT ESCULENTA CRANTZ) WASTE FROM “ATTIEKE” PRODUCTION IN YAMOUSSOUKRO CITY, COTE D’IVOIRE, page 647-656;   -   📁  Elez Krasniqi1, Shkëlzim Ukaj2*, Edmond Paçarizi3, THE PRESENCE OF ENDEMIC PLANT SPECIES Achillea alexandri-regis Bornm. & Rudsky IN PASHTRIK, ADDED VALUE FOR THE FLORA AND VEGETATION OF KOSOVO, page 657-660;   -   📁  Sebai Ali1,2, Ghazi Kheira1, Meliani Samia3*, Kebir Ahmed2, Benyamina Khadra2, Bouziri Abdeldjallil2, BLUETONGUE VIRUS INFECTION IN CATTLE IN SOME PROVINCES OF NORTH-WEST ALGERIA, page 661-666;   -   📁  Ibrahim Hoxha1, Nexhdet Shala2*, Arsim Elshani3, Gafur Xhabiri4, TECHNOLOGICAL QUALITIES OF LOCAL WHEATS FOR BREAD PRODUCTION, page 667-670;   -   📁  Evis Allushi1*, Gentian Vyshka2, Vasilika Prifti3, USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND ELECTRONIC SOURCES FOR RECEIVING INFORMATION IN REHABILITATION OF MS PATIENTS, page 671-674;   -   📁  Edwin Padilla Hererra Jr.1, Krystel Grace Vergara Padilla1, King Dave Gloria Martin1*, FIRST RECORD OF PTERIDOPHYTE DIVERSITY AT MOUNT MINGAN, GABALDON, NUEVA ECIJA, PHILIPPINES, page 675-682;   -   📁  Elif AKPINAR KÜLEKÇI1*, INVESTIGATION OF PLANT DESIGNS ON WATER SURFACES IN TERMS OF LANDSCAPE DESIGN, page 683-688;   -   📁  Abstract Volume 10/4 , 2020 IJEES   -   📁  Contents Volume 10/4, 2020 IJEES   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 10/4, 2020   -