International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 10/3, 2020

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science



Volume 10/3, 2020              


Table of contents:

📁  Athina Zikouli1*, Zacharoula Andreopoulou1, ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY AND LEGISLATION IN NATIONAL PARKS THE CASE OF PARNASSOS, GREECE, page 463-468;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh1*, Tatyana Konovalova2, Аlexander Gritsenyuk3, CLIMATE VARIATION, STRUCTURAL-DYNAMIC ORGANIZATION OF FORESTS AND FOREST MANAGEMENT: SOME ASPECTS OF FORESTS USE, THE BAIKAL REGION, RUSSIA, page 475-482;   -   📁  Mahouz Fatima1*, Abdallah Fatiha2, IN VITRO EVALUATION OF THE ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITIES OF GARLIC JUICE (ALLIUM SATIVUM) AGAINST URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS CAUSING BACTERIA, page 469-474;   -   📁  Rovena Daja1*, Alma Robo1, Dorina Toçi1, Artan Simaku1, Genta Qirjako1, ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES AND HEALTH RISK BEHAVIOURS AMONG ADOLESCENTS IN ALBANIA, page 455-462;   -   📁  Erjon Spahiu1*, Manjola Shyti2, Irma Bërdufi2, ESTIMATION OF AVERAGE ANNUAL COMMITTED EFFECTIVE DOSE DUE TO INGESTION FOR SOME MEDICINAL AND HERBAL PLANTS USED IN ALBANIA, page 441-446;   -   📁  Igli Kondi1*, Julian Kasharaj2, Anisa Asimi3, Erza Askushaj3, ANALYSIS OF NON-STRUCTURAL BRICK WALLS IN THE FORMER DAJTI HOTEL BUILDING, TIRANA, ALBANIA, page 447-454;   -   📁  Sergey Ivanovich Kapustin1, Alexander Borisovich Volodin1, Angelina Sergeevna Kapustina2, Andrey Sergeevich Kapustin3*, EFFECTIVENESS OF SUGAR SORGHUM HYBRIDS IN THE ARID CONDITIONS OF NORTH CAUCASUS, page 435-440;   -   📁  Ngodigha Sabina Alatari1*, Gbarabe Roland2, Moroyei Ebilade1, Eleke Ezekiel Victor1, CONSUMER’S PREFERENCE BETWEEN FARMED CATFISH AND WILD CATFISH IN SWALI, YENAGOA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF BAYELSA STATE, NIGER DELTA, page 483-490;   -   📁  Arsim Elshani1, Nexhdet Shala2*, Nazmi Hasanaj3, Ibrahim Hoxha4, TESTING OF SOME MAIZE HYBRIDS FROM CROATIA IN THE AGROECOLOGICAL CONDITIONS OF KOSOVO, page 507-514;   -   📁  Hysen Mankolli1, Huseyin Toros2, Sukru Dursun3*, AIR QUALITY OF KARAMAN CITY, TURKEY, page 491-500;   -   📁  Zoran Sapuric1*, Filip Ivanovski1, Vladimir Naumovski1, IMPLEMENTATION OF EUROPEAN UNION GREEN INDUSTRIAL POLICY AND REGULATION IN NORTH MACEDONIA, page 501-506;   -   📁  Edlira Pajenga*, Albana Pisha, Anastasi Rapi, CYTOTOXIC AND GENOTOXIC EFFECTS OF AQUEOUS EXTRACTS OF HELICHRYSUM ARENARIUM AND CETERACH OFFICINRUM, page 515-520;   -   📁  Andrew Ravlikovsky1*, Lyudmyla Symochko2, POTENTIAL USE OF SPENT MUSHROOM SUBSTRATE OF LENTINULA EDODES AS A BIOFERTILIZER, page 527-534;   -   📁  Hamrat Khadidja1,2, Yahia Achour3*, Saidani Khelaf3, EPIDEMIOLOGY AND DIAGNOSIS OF CYSTIC ECHINOCOCCOSIS IN INTERMEDIATES HOST IN THE PROVINCE OF DJELFA, ALGERIA, page 543-550;   -   📁  Mekheldi Khira1, Meliani Samia1*, Zidane Khaled2, MASTITIS, RETAINED PLACENTA AND BCS EFFECT AND ON THE REPRODUCTIVE PERFORMANCES OF MONTBÉLIARDE DAIRY COWS RAISED IN THE AIN DEFLA REGION OF ALGERIA, page 521-526;   -   📁  Romina Muka1*, Kreshnik Vukatana1, Kozeta Sevrani1, WIRELESS BODY AREA NETWORKS: SECURITY AND PRIVACY ISSUES, page 535-542;   -   📁  Şule Birim1*, Funda Ankaya2, ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF THE SUSTAINABLE PROTECTION AND CONTROLLED USAGE ENVIRONMENTS WITH THE SUPPORT OF GIS USING T-TEST: CASE STUDY OF ÇESME, IZMIR, TURKEY, page 551-562;   -   📁  Tatyana Konovalova1,2, Alexander Sizykh3*, TRANSFORMATION OF GEOSYSTEMS ON THE BAIKALIAN NATURAL TERRITORY, page 563-570;   -   📁  Ejup Mahmudi1*, Alketa Tandili2, Sulejman Zhugli2, Artan Simaku3, Redi Hoxha4, VISUAL DEFICITS CAUSED BY REFRACTIVE ERRORS IN SCHOOL AND PRESCHOOL CHILDREN, page 571-576;   -   📁  Denada Lacej13*, Irida Ikonom Hoxha2, Majlinda Sana2, Esmeralda Meta4, Andi Koraqi1,3, PREVALENCE OF ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE AMONG ESCHERICHIA COLI, MEMBER OF NORMAL FECAL FLORA, ISOLATED IN CHILDREN IN TIRANA – ALBANIA, page 577-582;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 10/3, 2020   -   📁  Abstract Volume 10/3 , 2020 IJEES   -   📁  Contents Volume 10/3 2020 IJEES   -