International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 10/2, 2020

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science



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📁  Sareh Ghorbani1, Esmail Salehi2*, Shahrzad Faryadi3, Hamid Reza Jafari4, GEOSPATIAL ANALYSIS OF THE DISTRIBUTION OF AIR POLLUTANT EMISSIONS IN TEHRAN WITH A FOCUS ON ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, page 235-248;   -   📁  Gani Kastrati1, Amir Sylaj2, Bahrije Dobra2, Skender Demaku2*, CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF THERMO MINERAL WATERS IN PEJË BATHS, page 249-254;   -   📁  Аlexander Sizykh1*, Аlexey Shekhovtsov2, Аlexander Gritsenyuk3, MODERN STRUCTURAL-DYNAMIC ORGANISATION OF PHYTOCOENOSES AT POST-AGRICULTURAL LANDSCAPES IN SOUTH-WESTERN TRANS-BAIKAL (ILLUSTRATED BY KEY SITES, THE SELENGA RIVER BASIN), page 255-264;   -   📁  Derrar Sofiane1, Mohamed Amine Ayad1, Meliani Samia2, Hemida Houari1, Saim Mohamed Said 1, Imen Safer1, COMPARISON BETWEEN CYTOLOGY AND HISTOPATHOLOGY TO EVALUATE ENDOMETRITIS IN DAIRY COWS, page 265-270;   -   📁  Adnan Ayan1*, Ozlem Orunc Kilinc2, Nazmi Yuksek3, Yildiray Basbugan3, DETECTION OF CRYPTOSPORIDIUM SPP. IN CALVES THROUGH NESTED PCR AND KINYOUN’S ACID-FAST METHODS IN VAN, TURKEY, page 271-276;   -   📁  Lyudmyla Symochko1,2*, SOIL MICROBIOME: DIVERSITY, ACTIVITY, FUNCTIONAL AND STRUCTURAL SUCCESSIONS, page 277-284;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 10/2, 2020   -   📁  Adnan Ayan1*, Ozlem Orunc Kilinc2, Jamal Muhammad Khan3, Ali Bilgin Yilmaz4, Ayse Sona Karakus5, Mohammed Mebarek Bia6, Gurkan Akyildiz7, Dongmin Lee6, MOLECULAR CHARACTERIZATION OF TETRATRICHOMONAS GALLINARUM IN DOMESTIC TURKEYS ...TURKEY, page 285-292;   -   📁  Vilma Piroli1, 2*, Idriz Haxhiu1, THE PRESENCE OF GREEN TURTLE (CHELONIA MYDAS) IN ALBANIA, page 293-300;   -   📁  Rezalda Shehi1*, Sabina Tahsini1, Arjana Strakosha2, Ariel Como2, PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERVENTION IMPACT IN PATIENTS UNDERGOING DIALYSIS’ MENTAL HEALTH - CASE STUDY, page 301-304;   -   📁  Abstract Volume 10/2 , 2020 IJEES   -   📁  Contents Volume 10/2 2020 IJEES   -