International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 10/1, 2020

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science



 Volume 10/1, 2020          


 Table of contents:

📁  Begu Adam, TOLERANCE OF LICHENS FROM PROTECTED AREAS TO THE CHANGES OF ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS, page 1-6;   -   📁  Mohammed Balubaid1, Rami Al Amoudi1, Ahmed A. Bakhsh1, Osman Taylan1, Fatma ÇANKA KILIÇ2*, Durmus Kaya2, and Basil Al Sasi1, BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES FOR SUSTAINABLE IMPROVEMENT OF ENERGY DIVERSITY, page 7-18;   -   📁  Fatma ÇANKA KILIÇ1,*, BIOETHANOL IN TURKEY, page 19-30;   -   📁  Serpil ÖZKURT SİVRİKAYA, DANGEROUS GOODS SUCCESS TEST DEVELOPMENT STUDY, page 31-34;   -   📁  Sahadete Shala1*, Gjergji Theodhosi2, Artan Simaku3, CAUSES OF INFERTILITY AMONG COUPLES IN PRISHTINA 2000-2010, page 51-56;   -   📁  Osman Taylana*, Mustafa Tahsin Yilmaza, Mohammed Balubaida, Rami Alamoudia,Tahra El-Obeidb, Enes Dertlic, Engin Şahinc, Ahmed Bakhsha, Enrique Herrera-Viedmad, MACHINE LEARNING APPLICATION FOR OPTIMIZING .... AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY APPROACH, page 123   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh, STRUCTURE AND TRENDS OF FORESTS FORMATION IN THE CENTRAL PART OF LAKE BAIKAL EASTERN SHORE, page 169-172;   -   📁  Iliriana Demaj1*, Hazir Çadraku2, Kushtrim Zebica3, VARIATION OF PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PARAMETERS OF WASTEWATER OF WASTE LANDFILL IN MITROVICA, KOSOVO, page 43-50;   -   📁  Feran Aşur1*, Şevket Alp1, LANDSCAPE ANALYSIS AND REGAIN FUNCTIONALITY OF GÜLISTAN GARDEN IN THE HISTORIC VAN CASTLE, page 57-66;   -   📁  Rukije Mehmeti1*, Hasan Hafizi2, FLOW OF TUBERCULOSIS BY AGE, GENDER AND CITIES DURING THE PERIOD 2003-2014 IN KOSOVO, page 67-72;   -   📁  Florinda Cfarku1*, Manjola Shyti1, Erjon Spahiu2, GROSS ALPHA/BETA RADIOACTIVITY IN DRINKING WATER IN THE MAIN CITIES OF ALBANIA, page 73-76;   -   📁  Manjola Shyti1*, Florinda Cfarku1, Erjon Spahiu2, Irma Bërdufi1, DETERMINATION OF LONG-LIFE RADIOCESIUM 137CS IN SOIL BY GAMMA SPECTROMETRY IN THE WESTERN LOWLAND OF ALBANIA, page 77-80;   -   📁  Ciro Alberghi1*, MHD (MAGNETO-HYDRODYNAMICS) IN LIQUID METALS IN FUSION REACTORS: EFFECTS ON TRITIUM TRANSPORT AND INVENTORY, page 115-122;   -   📁  M. Bouhouhou1*, Samy M. Mohamed2, Elsayed A. Omer2, STEROL COMPOSITION OF SEED OILS IN NINE SAFFLOWER VARIETIES CULTIVATED UNDER NORTH-EASTERN ALGERIA CONDITIONS, page 99-106;   -   📁  Valeria Bondar1*, Natalia Makarenko1, Volodymyr Makarenko2, Lyudmyla Symochko3, NANO AGROCHEMICALS: ECOTOXICOLOGICAL RISK ASSESSMENT, page 87-98;   -   📁  Ciro Alberghi1*, TRITIUM IN NUCLEAR FUSION SYSTEMS, page 107-114;   -   📁  Skender Demaku1*, ASSESMENT OF THE HEAVY METALS PRESENCE IN THE WATER, SOIL AND LANDFILL OF THE DRENICA RIVER – NEARBY THE INDUSTRIAL BY COMPLEX FERRONICKEL, page 137-144;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh1*, Victor Voronin1, Ruslan Moritz1, Mikhail Pastukhov2, Vera Poletaeva2, CHARACTERISTICS OF THE STRUCTURE OF ACTUAL STATE OF FORESTS ... OF GOLD MINING (REPRESENTED BY GOLD EXPLORATION AREA IN IRKUTSK REGION), page 35-42;   -   📁  Skender Sallahi1*, ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT FROM METALURGJIK COMPLEX ``TREPÇA`` IN AREA OF MITROVICA, page 145-152;   -   📁  Emi Hoxholli1*, Donika Kërçini1, THE ACTUAL LEVEL OF INTERNATIONALIZATION OF ALBANIAN SMES AND THE MEASURE OF THEIR OVERALL PERFORMANCE, page 159-168;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh, STRUCTURAL-DYNAMIC PECULIARITIES OF PHYTOCOENOSES OF AN INTERZONAL ECOTONE IN SOUTH-WESTERN TRANS-BAIKAL (Surroundings of Lake Gusinoe, Buryat Republic, Russia), page 173-178;   -   📁  Farid Pirmoradian1*, Iraj Ashtari1, INVESTIGATION OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTIONS OF URBAN GREEN SPACE, page 179-188;   -   📁  Fjona Nasto1*, Arjeta Dedej1, Denada Haxhiu1, Nestor Thereska1, CEREBRO-VASCULAR ACCIDENTS IN HEMODIALYSIS PATIENTS: A RETROSPECTIVE STUDY IN AMERIKAN HOSPITAL, page 189-192;   -   📁  Florinda Cfarku1*, Manjola Shyti1, Erjon Spahiu2, Irma Bërdufi1, LONG TERM STUDY OF RADIOACTIVITY IN SUPERFICIAL WATER IN ALBANIA, page 81-86;   -   📁  Emi Hoxholli1*, Donika Kërçini1, EMPIRICAL RESEARCH ON THE RELATION BETWEEN INTERNAL INFLUENCING FACTORS ON THE INTERNATIONALIZATION: ALBANIAN SMES, page 193-202;   -   📁  Sarwar Muhammad Tariq1*, Zhan HanHui1, Yang Jiaxin2, FORMATIVE OF METAL CONTENTS IN ELECTRONIC WASTE MOBILE PHONE CIRCUIT BOARDS, page 203-208;   -   📁  Altin Jusufati1*, Krenar Preza2, VIRTUAL VERSUS CONVENTIONAL COLONOSCOPY SYSTEMATIC REVIEW, page 209-214;   -   📁  Fjona Nasto1*, Arjeta Dedej1, Nestor Thereska1, SILENT BRAIN INFARCTIONS IN HEMODIALYSIS PATIENTS, page 215-218;   -   📁  Ilir Smailaj1*, Edi Gjika2, Dritan Ulqinaku3, Rrahman Shala1, Afrim Avdaj1, Mustafa Abdullah1, Artan Simaku3, TREATMENT OF CONGENITAL DISLOCATION OF THE HIP, page 219-224;   -   📁  Daniela Tasha1, Ilir Tasha2*, Nikita Manoku3, VAGINAL COLONIZATION AND PRETERM BIRTH, page 225-230;   -   📁  Admir Nake1*, NUTRITION, LABORATORY AND NON-LABORATORY INDICATORS AND ITS VARIOUS VALUES (ATTRIBUTES), page 231-234;   -   📁  Abstract Volume 10/1 , 2020 IJEES   -   📁  Contents Volume 10/1 2020 IJEES   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 10/1, 2020   -   📁  Alma Afezolli1*, Elfrida Shehu1, Eridona Selita1, THE CORRELATION BETWEEN URBAN ROAD WIDTH AND ON STREET PARKING TIRANA, ALBANIA: CASE STUDY ISH-BLLOK AREA, page 153-158;   -