International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 8/4, 2018

Volume 8/4, 2018

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


Volume 8/4, 2018     


Table of contents:


📁  Flora Merko1*, Sukru Dursun2, Florjon Merko3, ENVIRONMENTAL TAXATION – THE EFECTS ON ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTIVENESS AND ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY, page 739-746;   -   📁  Nina Liogchii, VALUABLE HABITATS IN THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA FOR SOME INTERNATIONALLY PROTECTED SPECIES, page 657-662;   -   📁  Çiğdem Çiftçi1*, Fatma Kunt2 , INVESTIGATION OF KONYA CITY CULTURAL HERITAGE MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT RELATIONSHIP, page 663-668;   -   📁  Eglantina Pazaj, SOME CASES OF NEGATIVE EXTERNALITIES IN THE TIRANA AREA AND THEIR IMPACT ON SOCIAL COSTS, page 669-674;   -   📁  Mosstfa Maaroof, Sukru Dursun, REVIEW ON BIOREMEDIATION PROCESS OF A CRUDE OIL IN CONTAMINATED SOIL BY LEACHING AND TOXICITY ASSESSMENTS, page 675-678;   -   📁  Mushtaq Abdulameer Alwan Almuslehi1,2, Sukru Dursun1, Nahida Hameed Hamza Alqaysi1,2, ASSESSING OF WATER QUALITY INDEX USING GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM IN KONYA CITY CENTER, page 679-690;   -   📁  Rovena Daja1*, Rudina Cumashi1, Gentiana Qirjako1, CHILD MALTREATMENT IN EUROPEAN REGION AND IN ALBANIA, page 691-696;   -   📁  Fasola Regina, THE SCIENTIFIC ARGUMENT CONCERNING THE ESTABLISHMENT OF MIXED NATURAL MONUMENT IN THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA, page 697-702;   -   📁  Gjok Vuksani1*, Haki Kurti2, ASSESSMENT OF THE STATE OF GREENNESS AND SUGGESTIONS FOR ITS IMPROVEMENT IN PRISHTINA SCHOOLS IN KOSOVO, page 703-710;   -   📁  Zeynep Cansu Ayturan*, Sukru Dursun, USAGE OF PHOTOCATALYTIC OXIDATION FOR THE REMOVAL OF AIR POLLUTANTS, page 711-716;   -   📁  Enilda Shkëmbi1*, Anila Paparisto1, Bledar Pepa2, Xhuliana Qirinxhi3, Kastriot Misja1, CONFIRMATION OF THE PRESENCE OF TRITHEMIS ANNULATA (ODONATA, ANISOPTERA) IN ALBANIA, page 717-722;   -   📁  Ertugrul Esmeray1*, Sinan Savas2, MOBILE APPLICATION PROJECT FOR SHARING INSTANTANEOUS& LOCATION BASED PHOTOGRAPHS FOR MAKING ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING MORE EFFECTIVE IN TURKEY, page 723-730;   -   📁  Suela Kalaja1*, Anita Pilika1, Artan Simaku3, THE PSYCHOSOCIAL CARE OF PATIENTS WITH CANCER, page 731-738;   -   📁  Hamid Taghinejad1, Mosayeb Mozafari1, Ali Khorshidi2, Vahid Delshad3, Jalil Abbasi4*, ASSESSING LEVEL OF PREPAREDNESS OF VALI ASR HOSPITAL OF DAREHSHAHR CITY AGAINST DISASTERS IN 2017, page 755-760;   -   📁  Alba Ramallari*, Olta Allmuça, Gentjan Ramallari, FISCAL POLICY CHANGES AND BENEFITS, page 747-754;   -   📁  Gentiana Koroveshi1*, Gjeorgjina Kuli-Lito2, Elton Koroveshi1, Ilta Bylykbashi1, Alma Nurce1, THE IMPACT OF PPROM ON NEAONATAL AND MATERNAL OUTCOME, page 819-824;   -   📁  Admir Nake1*, NECESSITY OF MENTAL HEALTH PACKAGE OF THE ALBANIAN STUDENT OF MEDICINE AND YOUNG DOCTORS, page 791-794;   -   📁  Petrika Gjergo1*, Aferdita Veseli1, Hortensia Gjergo2, Artan Simaku3, Edmond Kapedani4, RISK FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH CAROTID ARTERY DISEASE IN PATIENTS UNDERGOING CORONARY ARTERY BYPASS SURGERY, page 761-766;   -   📁  Özgür Eminağaoğlu1*, Zehra Eminağaoğlu2, SOME THOUGHTS ON BOTANICAL GARDEN ESTABLISHMENT IN ARTVIN, page 767-776;   -   📁  Svetlana Yurevna Zorina, Lada Georgievna Sokolova*, CHANGE OF HUMUS STATUS IN CASES OF INTENSIVE CULTIVATED SOIL, page 777-784;   -   📁  Erjona Shehu1, Arjan Harxhi2, Artan Simaku3*, SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS AMONG HIV PATIENTS IN ALBANIA, page 785-790;   -   📁  Merita Alimadhi1, Nestor Thereska2, ARTERIAL HYPERTENSION IN CHRONIC RENAL DISEASE, page 845-848;   -   📁  Victor Voronin1*, Gennadii Ruzhnikov2, FOREST FIRES IN THE BAIKAL REGION, EASTERN SIBERIA, RUSSIA, page 795-798;   -   📁  Аlexander Sizykh1* Victor Voronin1, Alexey Shekhovtsov2, LARGE-SCALE AEROSPACE PHOTOGRAPHY, SOIL-GEOBOTANIC PROFILING IN THE GEOBOTANICAL MAPPING (DISCOVER ASPECTS OF THE PHYTOCOENOTIC AND BIOGEOCOENOTIC DIVERSITY), page 799-808;   -   📁  Alma Robo1*, Elona Kureta1, Alma Pura2, Iria Preza1, Erida Nelaj1, Artan Simaku1, Eugena Tomini1, Silvia Bino1, INVESTIGATION OF AN IMPORTED MEASLES OUTBREAK, page 809-812;   -   📁  Ilta Bylykbashi1*, Aferdita Manaj1, Mirton Muhametaj1, STUDY OF RISK FACTORS FOR POSTPARTUM HEMORRHAGE, page 813-818;   -   📁  Lauren Muhametaj1*, Rozarka Budina2, ROOT CANAL TREATMENT USING THREE DIMENSIONAL FILLING WITH GUTTA PERCHA, page 835-838;   -   📁  Loreta Nakuçi1, Aida Spahiu2*, ADVANTAGES IN DYNAMIC BEHAVIOR OF BLDC ELECTRICAL DRIVES, page 825-834;   -   📁  Zoran Sapuric1*, Filip Ivanovski1, Dame Dimitrovski2, CHALLENGES OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF AIR QUALITY REGULATION AND STANDARDS IN MACEDONIA, page 839-844;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 8/4, 2018   -   📁  Bahiti E. 1, Kupe L2*, DIATOMS COMMUNITY AND ECOLOGICAL STATUS IN OHRID LAKE, INFLUENCE BY VERDOVA RIVER, page 849-856;   -   📁  Contents Volume 8/4 2018 IJEES   -   📁  Abstract Volume 8/4 , 2018 IJEES   -