International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 9/2, 2019

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 Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science



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📁  Artan Sota1*, Fetah Elezi2*, Nazmi Hasani3, COMBINATION ABILITY STUDY OF SEVERAL LINES SYNTHESIZED BY AGROARFA ALBANIA BASED ON THE TEST METHOD, page 227-234;   -   📁  Elona Bahiti1, Lirika Kupe2*, THE SURFACE WATERS THAT FLOW TO LAKE OHRID AND ROLE OF DIATOMS IN BIOLOGICAL MONITORING, page 251-256;   -   📁  Abdülkadir Serdar Onal1, Selda Uzal Seyfi2*, THE EVALUATION OF THE ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF DAIRY FARMS WITH FREESTALL AND LOOSE HOUSES IN KONYA SUGAR INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC., TURKEY, page 235-244;   -   📁  Vlatko Dimitrov, Dame Dimitrovski*, ANALYSIS OF EMISSIONS FROM DIESEL PASSENGER CARS IN NORTH MACEDONIA, page 245-250;   -   📁  Ariana Striniqi Laçej*, Kastriot Misja, A REVIEW OF THREATENED AND RISKED ENTOMOPHAUNA ON SHKODRA LAKE AREA, page 257-264;   -   📁  Antonino Meli12, Massimo Zucchetti1, OXIDE DISPERSION STRENGTHENED STEELS AS CANDIDATE STRUCTURAL MATERIALS FOR NUCLEAR AGGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENTS, page 265-274;   -   📁  Antonino Meli1,3*, Huilong Yang3, Jingjie Shen2, Kano Sho3, Hiroaki Abe3, HIGH TEMPERATURE TENSILE TEST OF 12Cr FERRITIC ODS STEEL, page 275-288;   -   📁  Rudina Koçi1*, Alma Imeri2, Lirika Kupe3, Marsela Alikaj4, BIO-MONITORING OF NARTA LAGOON, page 297-304;   -   📁  Adnan Ayan1*, Deniz Alic Ural2, Hasan Erdogan3, Ozlem Orunc Kilinc4, Mehmet Gültekin3, Kerem Ural3, PREVALANCE AND MOLECULAR CHARACTERIZATION OF GIARDIA DUODENALIS IN LIVESTOCK IN VAN, TURKEY, page 289-296;   -   📁  Gülden Gök1*, Hakan Çelebi1, LABORATORY SCALE ELIMINATION OF SOME HEAVY METALS WITH HOLLOW ALUMINOSILICATE SPHERES, page 305-312;   -   📁  Abstract Volume 9/2 , 2019 IJEES   -   📁  Contents Volume 9/2 2019 IJEES   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 9/2, 2019   -